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Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data evaluated as indicated in comments:
HL - Edward P. Hunter and Sharon G. Lias
L - Sharon G. Lias

Data compiled as indicated in comments:
LL - Sharon G. Lias and Joel F. Liebman
LBLHLM - Sharon G. Lias, John E. Bartmess, Joel F. Liebman, John L. Holmes, Rhoda D. Levin, and W. Gary Mallard
LLK - Sharon G. Lias, Rhoda D. Levin, and Sherif A. Kafafi
RDSH - Henry M. Rosenstock, Keith Draxl, Bruce W. Steiner, and John T. Herron

Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
IE (evaluated)12.6 ± 0.4eVN/AN/AL
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Proton affinity (review)571.3kJ/molN/AHunter and Lias, 1998HL
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Gas basicity541.5kJ/molN/AHunter and Lias, 1998HL

Ionization energy determinations

IE (eV) Method Reference Comment
13. ± 1.PIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
13.08 ± 0.02PIKischlat and Morgner, 1985LBLHLM
12.60 ± 0.02PIWang and Leroi, 1983LBLHLM
12.45PIJochims, Lohr, et al., 1976LLK
12.39PIAjello, Huntress, et al., 1976LLK
12.39PINoutary, 1968RDSH
12.91 ± 0.03PIWatanabe, Nakayama, et al., 1962RDSH
13.08 ± 0.01PEJadrny, Karlsson, et al., 1977Vertical value; LLK
13.10PEUehara, Saito, et al., 1973Vertical value; LLK
13.0PEDoucet, Sauvageau, et al., 1973Vertical value; LLK
13.08 ± 0.02PECradock, Ebsworth, et al., 1973Vertical value; LLK

Appearance energy determinations

Ion AE (eV) Other Products MethodReferenceComment
C+33. ± 1.3F+ClPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
C+31. ± 1.?EIDibeler, Reese, et al., 1956RDSH
CCl+28. ± 1.?PIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
CFCl+15. ± 1.?PIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
CFCl+14.0 ± 0.3FPIPowis, 1980LLK
CFCl+19.8 ± 0.2F2PISchenk, Oertel, et al., 1979LLK
CFCl+14.25FPIJochims, Lohr, et al., 1976LLK
CF2Cl+15. ± 1.FPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
CF2Cl+16.15FEILeyland, Majer, et al., 1970RDSH
CF2Cl+15.0 ± 0.4FEIDibeler, Reese, et al., 1956RDSH
CF+24. ± 1.2F+ClPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
CF+20.3 ± 0.1Cl+F2PISchenk, Oertel, et al., 1979LLK
CF+22.6 ± 0.5?EIDibeler, Reese, et al., 1956RDSH
CF2+19. ± 1.F+ClPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
CF2+16.0 ± 0.1F+Cl(-)PISchenk, Oertel, et al., 1979LLK
CF2+18.85 ± 0.05F+ClPISchenk, Oertel, et al., 1979LLK
CF2+15.9 ± 0.3F(-)+ClPISchenk, Oertel, et al., 1979LLK
CF2+18.85F+ClPIJochims, Lohr, et al., 1976LLK
CF2+18.84F+ClPIAjello, Huntress, et al., 1976LLK
CF2+20. ± 1.?EIDibeler, Reese, et al., 1956RDSH
CF3+13. ± 1.ClPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
CF3+12.55ClPIJochims, Lohr, et al., 1976LLK
CF3+12.65ClPIAjello, Huntress, et al., 1976LLK
CF3+12.63ClPINoutary, 1968RDSH
Cl+20. ± 1.CF2+FPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
Cl+19.7 ± 0.1CF3PISchenk, Oertel, et al., 1979LLK
Cl+21. ± 1.?EIDibeler, Reese, et al., 1956RDSH
F+34. ± 1.C+F2+ClPIZhang, Cooper, et al., 1991LL
F+31. ± 1.?EIDibeler, Reese, et al., 1956RDSH


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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