Explanation of Ion Potential Data Tables

Terms used in ion potential tables

Ion This column notes the product ion in an appearance potential measurement.
Other Products This column notes the other species involved in the appearance potential measurement.
Precursor This column notes the reactant in an appearence potential measurement.

Experimental method codes used in ion potential tables

AUG Auger electron spectroscopy
CAD Collisionally-activated dissociation
CEMS Charge exchange mass spectrometry
CI Chemi-ionization
CIEL Charge inversion energy loss spectroscopy
CTS Charge transfer spectra
DER Derivation
DTI Delayed thermionic ionization
EI Electron impact techniques ("Electron impact")
END Determinations of endothermicity of reaction
EQ Ion/molecule equilibrium constant determination
EST Estimation
EVAL Evaluation
IMB Ion/molecule bracketing
LE Liquid phase electrochemical determination
LS Laser spectroscopy (includes multiphoton ionization and resonance ionization mass spectrometry (RIMS))
PE Photoelectron spectroscopy
PI Photoionization mass spectrometry
PIPECO Photoion-photoelectron coincidence spectroscopy
S Optical spectroscopy
SI Surface ionization
TE Threshold electron detection
TRPI Time-resolve photodissociation