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Chemical Formula Search Help

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Exactly match the specified isotopes
When checked, this option indicates that the search should match isotopes as specified in the search formula. For example, when this option is not checked a search on H2 will match species containing deuterium and tritium atoms. If this option was checked, deuterium and tritium would be excluded from the search.
Allow elements not specified in formula
When checked, this option indicates that species containing elements not specified in the formula will also be matched. For example, a search for Te2 will find all of the species which contain exactly two tellurium atoms and any number of other atoms. Checking this option alone is equivalent to the "partial formula search" previously available from this site.
Allow more atoms of elements in formula than specified
This option indicates that species containg more atoms than specified of a given element will be matched. For example, a search for Te with only this option checked will find all tellurium, ditellurium, tritellurium, etc.
Exclude ions from the search
When this option is checked, the search will not match ions unless a charge is explicitly indicted in the formula.

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