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Komárek, K.; Hornová, L.; Churácek, J., Glass capillary gas chromatography of homologous series of esters. Separation of homologous series of esters of halogenated carboxylic acids on a glass capillary column with the non-polar stationary silicone phase OV-101, J. Chromatogr., 1982, 244, 1, 142-147, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0021-9673(00)80131-4 .

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  1. Ethyl Acetate (C4H8O2)
  2. Acetic acid, hexyl ester (C8H16O2)
  3. 1-Butanol, 3-methyl-, acetate (C7H14O2)
  4. Acetic acid, butyl ester (C6H12O2)
  5. n-Propyl acetate (C5H10O2)
  6. Acetic acid, octyl ester (C10H20O2)
  7. Isobutyl acetate (C6H12O2)
  8. Acetic acid, methyl ester (C3H6O2)
  9. Acetic acid, pentyl ester (C7H14O2)
  10. Acetic acid, decyl ester (C12H24O2)
  11. Isopropyl acetate (C5H10O2)
  12. Acetic acid, heptyl ester (C9H18O2)
  13. Acetic acid, nonyl ester (C11H22O2)
  14. Lauryl acetate (C14H28O2)
  15. 1-Hexadecanol, acetate (C18H36O2)
  16. 1-Tetradecyl acetate (C16H32O2)
  17. Acetic acid, chloro-, methyl ester (C3H5ClO2)
  18. Acetic acid, trichloro-, ethyl ester (C4H5Cl3O2)
  19. Acetic acid, chloro-, ethyl ester (C4H7ClO2)
  20. Acetic acid, dichloro-, methyl ester (C3H4Cl2O2)
  21. Acetic acid, chloro-, butyl ester (C6H11ClO2)
  22. Acetic acid, trichloro-, methyl ester (C3H3Cl3O2)
  23. Trichloroacetic acid, propyl ester (C5H7Cl3O2)
  24. Chloroacetic acid, propyl ester (C5H9ClO2)
  25. Trichloroacetic acid butyl ester (C6H9Cl3O2)
  26. Acetic acid, dichloro-, ethyl ester (C4H6Cl2O2)
  27. Dichloroacetic acid butyl ester (C6H10Cl2O2)
  28. Trichloroacetic acid, hexyl ester (C8H13Cl3O2)
  29. ClCH2C(O)OCH(CH3)2 (C5H9ClO2)
  30. Acetic acid, dichloro-, propyl ester (C5H8Cl2O2)
  31. Acetic acid, trichloro-, heptyl ester (C9H15Cl3O2)
  32. Acetic acid, trichloro-, octyl ester (C10H17Cl3O2)
  33. Trichloroacetic acid, pentyl ester (C7H11Cl3O2)
  34. Dichloroacetic acid, hexyl ester (C8H14Cl2O2)
  35. Chloroacetic acid, hexyl ester (C8H15ClO2)
  36. Acetic acid, chloro-, pentyl ester (C7H13ClO2)
  37. Hexyl trifluoroacetate (C8H13F3O2)
  38. Dichloroacetic acid, pentyl ester (C7H12Cl2O2)
  39. Dichloroacetic acid 2-methylpropyl ester (C6H10Cl2O2)
  40. Acetic acid, chloro-, isobutyl ester (C6H11ClO2)
  41. Acetic acid, dichloro-, heptyl ester (C9H16Cl2O2)
  42. Chloroacetic acid, heptyl ester (C9H17ClO2)
  43. Chloroacetic acid, octyl ester (C10H19ClO2)
  44. Octyl dichloroacetate (C10H18Cl2O2)
  45. Trichloroaetic acid isopropyl ester (C5H7Cl3O2)
  46. Dichloroacetic acid 3-methylbutyl ester (C7H12Cl2O2)
  47. 1-Pentanol, trifluoroacetate (C7H11F3O2)
  48. Chloroacetic acid 3-methylbutyl ester (C7H13ClO2)
  49. Butyl trifluoroacetate (C6H9F3O2)
  50. Trichloroacetic acid 2-methylpropyl ester (C6H9Cl3O2)
  51. Trichloroacetic acid 3-methylbutyl ester (C7H11Cl3O2)
  52. 1-Octyl trifluoroacetate (C10H17F3O2)
  53. Trifluoroacetic acid, heptyl ester (C9H15F3O2)
  54. Isopropyl bromoacetate (C5H9BrO2)
  55. Decyl trifluoroacetate (C12H21F3O2)
  56. Acetic acid, bromo-, 2-methylpropyl ester (C6H11BrO2)
  57. Acetic acid, dichloro-, 1-methylethyl ester (C5H8Cl2O2)
  58. Acetic acid, trifluoro-, nonyl ester (C11H19F3O2)
  59. Acetic acid, bromo-, methyl ester (C3H5BrO2)
  60. Trifluoroacetoxy hexadecane (C18H33F3O2)
  61. Acetic acid, trifluoro-, dodecyl ester (C14H25F3O2)
  62. Bromoacetic acid, 3-methylbutyl ester (C7H13BrO2)
  63. Trichloroacetic acid, tetradecyl ester (C16H29Cl3O2)
  64. Trichloroacetic acid, hexadecyl ester (C18H33Cl3O2)
  65. Acetic acid, trichloro-, nonyl ester (C11H19Cl3O2)
  66. Trichloroacetic acid, dodecyl ester (C14H25Cl3O2)
  67. Trichloroacetic acid, decyl ester (C12H21Cl3O2)
  68. Acetic acid, bromo-, ethyl ester (C4H7BrO2)
  69. Acetic acid, trifluoro-, 3-methylbutyl ester (C7H11F3O2)
  70. Tetradecyl trifluoroacetate (C16H29F3O2)
  71. Propyl trifluoroacetate (C5H7F3O2)
  72. Trifluoroacetic acid, 2-methylpropyl ester (C6H9F3O2)
  73. Ethyl iodoacetate (C4H7IO2)
  74. Isopropyl trifluoroacetate (C5H7F3O2)
  75. Bromoacetic acid, hexyl ester (C8H15BrO2)
  76. Hexyl iodoacetate (C8H15IO2)
  77. Acetic acid, chloro-, decyl ester (C12H23ClO2)
  78. Dichloroacetic acid, tetradecyl ester (C16H30Cl2O2)
  79. Acetic acid, chloro-, hexadecyl ester (C18H35ClO2)
  80. Chloroacetic acid, tetradecyl ester (C16H31ClO2)
  81. Dichloroacetic acid, dodecyl ester (C14H26Cl2O2)
  82. Bromoacetic acid, tetradecyl ester (C16H31BrO2)
  83. Acetic acid, bromo-, propyl ester (C5H9BrO2)
  84. Dichloroacetic acid, decyl ester (C12H22Cl2O2)
  85. Dichloroacetic acid, nonyl ester (C11H20Cl2O2)
  86. Bromoacetic acid, hexadecyl ester (C18H35BrO2)
  87. Chloroacetic acid, dodecyl ester (C14H27ClO2)
  88. Bromoacetic acid, dodecyl ester (C14H27BrO2)
  89. Acetic acid, bromo-, butyl ester (C6H11BrO2)
  90. Bromoacetic acid, heptyl ester (C9H17BrO2)
  91. Bromoacetic acid, octyl ester (C10H19BrO2)
  92. Chloroacetic acid, nonyl ester (C11H21ClO2)
  93. Bromoacetic acid, decyl ester (C12H23BrO2)
  94. Bromoacetic acid, pentyl ester (C7H13BrO2)
  95. Hexadecyl dichloroacetate (C18H34Cl2O2)
  96. Isopentyl iodoacetate (C7H13IO2)
  97. Nonyl bromoacetate (C11H21BrO2)
  98. Isobutyl iodoacetate (C6H11IO2)
  99. Heptyl iodoacetate (C9H17IO2)
  100. Nonyl iodoacetate (C11H21IO2)
  101. Octyl iodoacetate (C10H19IO2)
  102. acetic acid, 2-iodo-, 1-methylethyl ester (C5H9IO2)
  103. Decyl iodoacetate (C12H23IO2)
  104. Pentyl iodoacetate (C7H13IO2)
  105. Propyl iodoacetate (C5H9IO2)
  106. Butyl iodoacetate (C6H11IO2)
  107. Methyl iodoacetate (C3H5IO2)