Benzene, 1,4-dichloro-

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Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data evaluated as indicated in comments:
L - Sharon G. Lias

Data compiled as indicated in comments:
B - John E. Bartmess
LL - Sharon G. Lias and Joel F. Liebman
LBLHLM - Sharon G. Lias, John E. Bartmess, Joel F. Liebman, John L. Holmes, Rhoda D. Levin, and W. Gary Mallard
LLK - Sharon G. Lias, Rhoda D. Levin, and Sherif A. Kafafi
RDSH - Henry M. Rosenstock, Keith Draxl, Bruce W. Steiner, and John T. Herron

Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
IE (evaluated)8.92 ± 0.03eVN/AN/AL
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Δf(+) ion883.2kJ/molN/AN/A 
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
ΔfH(+) ion,0K895.8kJ/molN/AN/A 

Ionization energy determinations

IE (eV) Method Reference Comment
8.95PEFujisawa, Oonishi, et al., 1991LL
8.92 ± 0.02PIPECOOlesik, Baer, et al., 1986LBLHLM
8.97 ± 0.03PERuscic, Klasinc, et al., 1981LLK
8.94PEKimura, Katsumata, et al., 1981LLK
8.98 ± 0.02PEMaier and Marthaler, 1978LLK
8.89 ± 0.01EQLias and Ausloos, 1978LLK
8.94 ± 0.01PIWatanabe, Nakayama, et al., 1962RDSH
8.95PIBralsford, Harris, et al., 1960RDSH
8.988PEPotts, Lyus, et al., 1980Vertical value; LLK
9.00PEStreets and Ceasar, 1973Vertical value; LLK

Appearance energy determinations

Ion AE (eV) Other Products MethodReferenceComment
C6H4Cl+13.2 ± 0.1ClEIBrown, 1970RDSH

De-protonation reactions

C6H3Cl2- + Hydrogen cation = Benzene, 1,4-dichloro-

By formula: C6H3Cl2- + H+ = C6H4Cl2

Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Δr1577. ± 8.8kJ/molG+TSSchlosser, Marzi, et al., 2001gas phase; Acid: p-dichlorobenzene.; B
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Δr1543. ± 8.4kJ/molIMRESchlosser, Marzi, et al., 2001gas phase; Acid: p-dichlorobenzene.; B


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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