Method codes used in electronic spectra

AB Near infrared-visible-ultraviolet absorption
CC Color-center laser
CL Chemiluminesence
CR Cavity ringdown
DL Diode laser absorption
DPI Depletion photoionization
DR Double resonance
ED Electron diffraction
EF Electron-excited fluoresence
EM Near infrared-visible-ultraviolet emission
ESR Electron spin resonance
FD Fluoresence depletion
HFD High frequency deflection
IB Ion beam
ID Ion drift or ion depletion
IR Infrared absorption (conventional or Fourier transform)
LD Laser difference frequency
LF Laser-excited fluoresence (excitation and resolved emission)
LMR Laser magnetic resonance
LS Laser Stark spectroscopy
MO Molecular orbital calculations
MODR Microwave-optical double resonance
MPD Multiphoton dissociation
MPI Multiphoton ionization
MW Microwave and millimeter wave
ND Neutron diffraction
PD Electron photodetachment
PE Photoelectron spectroscopy
PEFCO Photoelectron-photon coincidence
T-PEFCO Threshold photoelectron-photon coincidence
PEPICO Photoelectron-photoion coincidence
PF Photofragment spectroscopy
PI Photoionization
PIFCO Photoion-photon coincidence
PIR Photoionization resonance
PRI Photoinduced Rydberg spectroscopy
Ra Raman
SEP Simulated emission pumping
TF Tunable far infrared laser
TPE Threshold photoelectron spectroscopy, including ZEKE detection
UV Near infrared-visible-ultraviolet absorption and emission