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Henry's Law data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: Rolf Sander

Henry's Law constant (water solution)

kH(T) = H exp(d(ln(kH))/d(1/T) ((1/T) - 1/(298.15 K)))
H = Henry's law constant for solubility in water at 298.15 K (mol/(kg*bar))
d(ln(kH))/d(1/T) = Temperature dependence constant (K)

H (mol/(kg*bar)) d(ln(kH))/d(1/T) (K) Method Reference Comment
0.18 MN/A missing citation also measured solubilities in salt solutions.
0.21 MN/A 
0.18 XN/AValue given here as cited in missing citation.
0.17 MN/A 
0.18 QN/A missing citation give several references for the Henry's law constants but don't assign them to specific species.
0.184000.XLeighton and Calo, 1981 
0.18 LN/A 
0.18 MMackay, Shiu, et al., 1979 
0.18 TMackay, Shiu, et al., 1979 
0.18 VN/A 
0.18 MN/A 
0.18 VBohon and Claussen, 1951 


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Leighton and Calo, 1981
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Mackay, Shiu, et al., 1979
Mackay, D.; Shiu, W.-Y.; Sutherland, R.P., Determination of Air-Water Henry's Law Constants for Hydrophobic Pollutants, Environ. Sci. Technol., 1979, 13, 333-337. [all data]

Bohon and Claussen, 1951
Bohon, R.L.; Claussen, W.F., The solubility of aromatic hydrocarbons in water, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1951, 73, 1571-1578. [all data]


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