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Piani, G.; Becucci, M.; Bowen, M.S.; Oakman, J.; Hu, Q.; Continetti, R.E., Photodetachment and dissociation dynamics of microsolvated iodide clusters, Phys. Scripta, 2008, 78, 5, 058110, https://doi.org/10.1088/0031-8949/78/05/058110 .

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  1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  2. Iodine atom (I)
  3. CO2..I anion (CIO2-)
  4. H2O..I anion (H2IO-)
  5. NH3..I anion (H3IN-)
  6. aniline..I anion (C6H7IN-)
  7. phenol..I anion (C6H6IO-)
  8. Iodide (I-)
  9. benzene..I anion (C6H6I-)
  10. nitrobenzene..I anion (C6H5INO2-)