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Kudin, L.S.; Vorob'ev, D.E.; Grishin, A.E., The Thermochemical Characteristics of the LnCl4- and Ln2Cl7- Negative Ions, Russ. J. Phys. Chem., 2007, 81, 2, 147, https://doi.org/10.1134/S003602440702001X .

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  1. NdCl3..Cl anion (Cl4Nd-)
  2. lutetium trichloride (Cl3Lu)
  3. YbCl3..Cl anion (Cl4Yb-)
  4. lanthanum chloride, anhydrous (Cl3La)
  5. LaCl3..Cl anion (Cl4La-)
  6. Sm2Cl7 anion (Cl7Sm2-)
  7. LuCl3..Cl anion (Cl4Lu-)
  8. LaCl3..LaCl4 anion (Cl7La2-)
  9. SmCl3..Cl anion (Cl4Sm-)
  10. NdCl3..NdCl4 anion (Cl7Nd2-)
  11. Tb2Cl7 anion (Cl7Tb2-)
  12. LuCl3..LuCl4 anion (Cl7Lu2-)
  13. TbCl4 anion (Cl4Tb-)
  14. Er2Cl7 anion (Cl7Er2-)
  15. ErCl4 anion (Cl4Er-)
  16. ytterbium trichloride (Cl3Yb)
  17. terbium (III) chloride hexahydrate (Cl3Tb)
  18. erbium trichloride (Cl3Er)
  19. samarium (III) chloride hexahydrate (Cl3Sm)
  20. Chlorine anion (Cl-)
  21. Ce2Cl7 anion (Ce2Cl7-)
  22. Dy2Cl7 anion (Cl7Dy2-)
  23. Gd2Cl7 anion (Cl7Gd2-)
  24. Ho2Cl7 anion (Cl7Ho2-)
  25. Pr2Cl7 anion (Cl7Pr2-)
  26. Tm2Cl7 anion (Cl7Tm2-)
  27. Yb2Cl7 anion (Cl7Tm2-)
  28. CeCl4 anion (CeCl4-)
  29. DyCl4 anion (Cl4Dy-)
  30. GdCl4 anion (Cl4Gd-)
  31. HoCl4 anion (Cl4Ho-)
  32. PrCl4 anion (Cl4Pr-)
  33. TmCl4 anion (Cl4Tm-)
  34. TbCl4- (Cl4Tb-)