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Stransky, K.; Zarevucka, M.; Valterova, I.; Wimmer, Z., Gas chromatographic retention data of wax esters, J. Chromatogr. A, 2006, 1128, 1-2, 208-219, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chroma.2006.06.035 .

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  1. Tetracosanoic acid, methyl ester (C25H50O2)
  2. Hexacosanoic acid, methyl ester (C27H54O2)
  3. Octacosanoic acid, methyl ester (C29H58O2)
  4. Pentacosanoic acid, methyl ester (C26H52O2)
  5. Heptacosanoic acid, methyl ester (C28H56O2)
  6. Ethyl tetracosanoate (C26H52O2)
  7. ethyl tricosanoate (C25H50O2)
  8. Dodecanoic acid, dodecyl ester (C24H48O2)
  9. Myristyl myristate (C28H56O2)
  10. Hexadecanoic acid, decyl ester (C26H52O2)
  11. Triacontanoic acid, ethyl ester (C32H64O2)
  12. Tetradecanoic acid, dodecyl ester (C26H52O2)
  13. Triacontyl acetate (C32H64O2)
  14. Octacosyl acetate (C30H60O2)
  15. Tetracosyl acetate (C26H52O2)
  16. Heptacosyl acetate (C29H58O2)
  17. Tricosyl acetate (C25H50O2)
  18. Dodecanoic acid, tetradecyl ester (C26H52O2)
  19. Hexadecanoic acid, tetradecyl ester (C30H60O2)
  20. Myristyl stearate (C32H64O2)
  21. Cetyl stearate (C34H68O2)
  22. Hexacosyl acetate (C28H56O2)
  23. hexadecyl docosanoate (C38H76O2)
  24. propyl docosanoate (C25H50O2)
  25. Butyl behenoate (C26H52O2)
  26. Hexyl arachidate (C26H52O2)
  27. Hexadecanoic acid, hexadecyl ester (C32H64O2)
  28. Triacontanoic acid, methyl ester (C31H62O2)
  29. Hexadecanoic acid, dodecyl ester (C28H56O2)
  30. ethyl pentacosanoate (C27H54O2)
  31. Methyl nonacosanoate (C30H60O2)
  32. Tetradecanoic acid, octadecyl ester (C32H64O2)
  33. Tetradecanoic acid, hexadecyl ester (C30H60O2)
  34. Hexadecanoic acid, octadecyl ester (C34H68O2)
  35. Eicosanoic acid, tetradecyl ester (C34H68O2)
  36. Octadecanoic acid, octadecyl ester (C36H72O2)
  37. Eicosanoic acid, octadecyl ester (C38H76O2)
  38. Dodecanoic acid, hexadecyl ester (C28H56O2)
  39. Eicosanoic acid, hexadecyl ester (C36H72O2)
  40. Octadecanoic acid, dodecyl ester (C30H60O2)
  41. Dodecanoic acid, octadecyl ester (C30H60O2)
  42. Hexacosanoic acid, propyl ester (C29H58O2)
  43. Docosanoic acid, docosyl ester (C44H88O2)
  44. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C36H64O2)
  45. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C32H56O2)
  46. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester (C36H60O2)
  47. Tetradec-9-enoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C32H56O2)
  48. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C34H60O2)
  49. Octadec-9-enoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C36H64O2)
  50. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid octadec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C36H64O2)
  51. Hexadec-9-enoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C34H60O2)
  52. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester (C38H64O2)
  53. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester (C36H62O2)
  54. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester (C36H62O2)
  55. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid octadecyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C38H68O2)
  56. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid tetradecyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C34H60O2)
  57. Tetradecanoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C32H58O2)
  58. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid hexadecyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C36H64O2)
  59. Tetradec-9-enoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C32H58O2)
  60. Octadecanoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C36H66O2)
  61. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C32H58O2)
  62. Hexadec-9-enoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C34H62O2)
  63. Hexadecanoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C34H62O2)
  64. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid docosyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C42H76O2)
  65. Octadec-9-enoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C36H66O2)
  66. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid octadec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C36H66O2)
  67. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid dodecyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C32H56O2)
  68. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid hexadecyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C34H62O2)
  69. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid tetradecyl ester,Z,Z,Z (C32H58O2)
  70. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C34H62O2)
  71. Dodecanoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C30H54O2)
  72. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid octadecyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C36H66O2)
  73. Docosanoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C40H74O2)
  74. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid icosyl ester, Z,Z,Z,Z (C40H72O2)
  75. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester (C34H58O2)
  76. Icosanoic acid octadeca-9,12,15-trienyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C38H70O2)
  77. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester (C36H62O2)
  78. Icosa-5,8,11,14-tetraenoic acid octadec-9-enyl ester (C38H66O2)
  79. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid dodecyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C30H54O2)
  80. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid docosyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C40H74O2)
  81. Octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid icosyl ester, Z,Z,Z (C38H70O2)
  82. 9-Hexadecenoic acid, 9-octadecenyl ester, (Z,Z)- (C34H64O2)
  83. Tetradec-9-enoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z (C28H52O2)
  84. Hexadec-9-enoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z (C30H56O2)
  85. Octadecanoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z (C36H68O2)
  86. Oleyl oleate (C36H68O2)
  87. Tetradec-9-enoic acid hexadec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z (C30H56O2)
  88. Octadec-9-enoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z (C32H60O2)
  89. Tetradecanoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z (C32H60O2)
  90. Hexadecanoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z (C34H64O2)
  91. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid tetradecyl ester, Z (C32H60O2)
  92. Hexadec-9-enoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z,Z (C32H60O2)
  93. Octadec-9-enoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z,Z (C34H64O2)
  94. Tetradec-9-enoic acid octadec-9-enyl ester, Z,Z (C32H60O2)
  95. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid hexadecyl ester, Z (C34H64O2)
  96. Dodecanoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z (C30H56O2)
  97. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid octadecyl ester, Z (C36H68O2)
  98. Docosanoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z (C40H76O2)
  99. Myristic acid, 9-octadecenyl ester, (Z)- (C32H62O2)
  100. Icosanoic acid octadeca-9,12-dienyl ester, Z (C38H72O2)
  101. Myristic acid, 9-hexadecenyl ester, (Z)- (C30H58O2)
  102. Octadecanoic acid, 9-octadecenyl ester, (Z)- (C36H70O2)
  103. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid dodecyl ester, Z (C30H56O2)
  104. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid docosyl ester, Z (C40H76O2)
  105. Octadecanoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z (C32H62O2)
  106. Octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid icosyl ester, Z (C38H72O2)
  107. 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, tetradecyl ester (C32H62O2)
  108. Tetradecanoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z (C28H54O2)
  109. Hexadecanoic acid, 9-octadecenyl ester, (Z)- (C34H66O2)
  110. Hexadecanoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z (C30H58O2)
  111. 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, hexadecyl ester (C34H66O2)
  112. 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, octadecyl ester (C36H70O2)
  113. Octadecanoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z (C34H66O2)
  114. Hexadecanoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z (C32H62O2)
  115. 9-Hexadecenoic acid, hexadecyl ester, (Z)- (C32H62O2)
  116. 9-Hexadecenoic acid, octadecyl ester, (Z)- (C34H66O2)
  117. 9-Hexadecenoic acid, tetradecyl ester, (Z)- (C30H58O2)
  118. Docosanoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z (C36H70O2)
  119. Eicosanoic acid, 9-octadecenyl ester, (Z)- (C38H74O2)
  120. Tetradec-9-enoic acid octadecyl ester, Z (C32H62O2)
  121. Tetradec-9-enoic acid hexadecyl ester, Z (C30H58O2)
  122. Dodecanoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z (C26H50O2)
  123. Docosanoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z (C38H74O2)
  124. Docosanoic acid octadec-9-enyl ester, Z (C40H78O2)
  125. Dodecanoic acid octadec-9-enyl ester, Z (C30H58O2)
  126. Icosanoic acid tetradec-9-enyl ester, Z (C34H66O2)
  127. Dodecanoic acid hexadec-9-enyl ester, Z (C28H54O2)
  128. Tetradec-9-enoic acid dodecyl ester, Z (C26H50O2)
  129. Icosanoic acid hexadec-7-enyl ester, Z (C36H70O2)
  130. Tetradec-9-enoic acid docosyl ester, Z (C36H70O2)
  131. 9-Hexadecenoic acid, eicosyl ester, (Z)- (C36H70O2)
  132. Hexadec-9-enoic acid docosyl ester, Z (C38H74O2)
  133. Octadec-9-enoic acid dodecyl ester, Z (C30H58O2)
  134. Hexadec-9-enoic acid dodecyl ester, Z (C28H54O2)
  135. Oleic acid, eicosyl ester (C38H74O2)
  136. Octadec-9-enoic acid docosyl ester, Z (C40H78O2)
  137. Tetradec-9-enoic acid icosyl ester, Z (C34H66O2)
  138. methyl tetratriacontanoate (C35H70O2)
  139. Tetradecanoic acid, eicosyl ester (C34H68O2)
  140. Octadecanoic acid, docosyl ester (C40H80O2)
  141. ethyl tetratriacontanoate (C36H72O2)
  142. Octadecanoic acid, eicosyl ester (C38H76O2)
  143. Hexadecanoic acid, eicosyl ester (C36H72O2)
  144. propyl hentriacontanoate (C34H68O2)
  145. docosanyl tetradecanoate (C36H72O2)
  146. methyl hentriacontanoate (C32H64O2)
  147. ethyl dotriacontanoate (C34H68O2)
  148. methyl tritriacontanoate (C34H68O2)
  149. docosanyl hexadecanoate (C38H76O2)
  150. methyl dotriacontanoate (C33H66O2)
  151. butyl hentriacontanoate (C35H70O2)
  152. ethyl tritriacontanoate (C35H70O2)
  153. Eicosanoic acid, eicosyl ester (C40H80O2)
  154. octadecyl docosanoate (C40H80O2)
  155. eicosanyl docosanoate (C42H84O2)
  156. propyl dotriacontanoate (C35H70O2)
  157. ethyl hentriacontanoate (C33H66O2)
  158. butyl dotriacontanoate (C36H72O2)
  159. tetradecyl docosanoate (C36H72O2)
  160. hentriacontyl acetate (C33H66O2)
  161. docosanyl dodecanoate (C34H68O2)
  162. propyl triacontanoate (C36H72O2)
  163. Tetracosanoic acid, propyl ester (C27H54O2)
  164. eicosanyl dodecanoate (C32H64O2)
  165. docosanyl eicosanoate (C42H84O2)
  166. decyl pentacosanoate (C35H70O2)
  167. butyl heptacosanoate (C31H62O2)
  168. tetracosyl hexanoate (C30H60O2)
  169. octyl tetracosanoate (C32H64O2)
  170. decyl heptadecanoate (C27H54O2)
  171. decyl tetracosanoate (C34H68O2)
  172. Heptadecanoic acid, n.-octyl ester (C25H50O2)
  173. heptacosyl hexanoate (C33H66O2)
  174. pentacosyl hexanoate (C31H62O2)
  175. propyl octacosanoate (C31H62O2)
  176. butyl pentacosanoate (C29H58O2)
  177. octyl pentacosanoate (C33H66O2)
  178. butyl triacontanoate (C34H68O2)
  179. Tetracosanoic acid, butyl ester (C28H56O2)
  180. triacontyl hexanoate (C36H72O2)
  181. octyl hexacosanoate (C34H68O2)
  182. ethyl octacosanoate (C30H60O2)
  183. decyl hexacosanoate (C36H72O2)
  184. ethyl hexacosanoate (C28H56O2)
  185. butyl octacosanoate (C32H64O2)
  186. decyl docosanoate (C32H64O2)
  187. hexyl tetracosanoate (C30H60O2)
  188. butyl nonacosanoate (C33H66O2)
  189. octacosyl hexanoate (C34H68O2)
  190. dodecyl eicosanoate (C32H64O2)
  191. hexyl hexacosanoate (C32H64O2)
  192. hexacosyl hexanoate (C32H64O2)
  193. dodecyl docosanoate (C34H68O2)
  194. butyl hexacosanoate (C30H60O2)
  195. ethyl nonacosanoate (C31H62O2)
  196. hexyl docosanoate (C28H56O2)
  197. octyl docosanoate (C30H60O2)
  198. pentacosyl acetate (C27H54O2)
  199. tricosyl hexanoate (C29H58O2)
  200. butyl tricosanoate (C27H54O2)
  201. nonacosyl acetate (C31H62O2)
  202. Eicosanoic acid, n.-octyl ester (C28H56O2)
  203. docosyl hexanoate (C28H56O2)
  204. decyl eicosanoate (C30H60O2)