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Jonsson, P.; Johansson, A.I.; Gullberg, J.; Trygg, J.; Jiye, A.; Grung, B.; Marklund, S.; Sjöström, M.; Antti, H.; Moritz, T., High-throughput data analysis for detecting and identifying differences between samples in GC/MS-based metabolomic analyses, Anal. Chem., 2005, 77, 17, 5635-5642, https://doi.org/10.1021/ac050601e .

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  1. Supraene (C30H50)
  2. Salicylic acid, 2TMS derivative (C13H22O3Si2)
  3. Ferulic acid, 2TMS derivative (C16H26O4Si2)
  4. 4-Coumaric acid, 2TMS derivative (C15H24O3Si2)
  5. Butanedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C10H22O4Si2)
  6. 2-Butenedioic acid, (E)-, 2TMS derivative (C10H20O4Si2)
  7. Caffeic acid, 3TMS derivative (C18H32O4Si3)
  8. 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid, 2TMS derivative (C13H22O3Si2)
  9. Oxalic acid, 2TMS derivative (C8H18O4Si2)
  10. Propanedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C9H20O4Si2)
  11. Phenylalanine, 2TMS derivative (C15H27NO2Si2)
  12. Glyceric acid, 3TMS derivative (C12H30O4Si3)
  13. 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, tris(trimethylsilyl) ester (C18H40O7Si4)
  14. Pentanedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C11H24O4Si2)
  15. Dodecanoic acid, TMS derivative (C15H32O2Si)
  16. Sinapinic acid, 2TMS derivative (C17H28O5Si2)
  17. L-Tyrosine, 3TMS derivative (C18H35NO3Si3)
  18. Pentaric acid, 2,3-dideoxy-4-O-(trimethylsilyl)-3-[[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]carbonyl]-, bis(trimethylsilyl) ester (C18H40O7Si4)
  19. L-Isoleucine, 2TMS derivative (C12H29NO2Si2)
  20. 2-Butenedioic acid, (Z)-, 2TMS derivative (C10H20O4Si2)
  21. Leucine, 2TMS derivative (C12H29NO2Si2)
  22. L-Methionine, 2TMS derivative (C11H27NO2SSi2)
  23. Cholesterol, TMS derivative (C30H54OSi)
  24. D-Mannitol, 6TMS derivative (C24H62O6Si6)
  25. Threonine, 3TMS derivative (C13H33NO3Si3)
  26. L-Valine, 2TMS derivative (C11H27NO2Si2)
  27. L-Cysteine, 3TMS derivative (C12H31NO2SSi3)
  28. Aconitic acid, tri-TMS (C15H30O6Si3)
  29. D-Glucitol, 6TMS derivative (C24H62O6Si6)
  30. Glycine, 3TMS derivative (C11H29NO2Si3)
  31. Xylitol, 5TMS derivative (C20H52O5Si5)
  32. Myo-Inositol, 6TMS derivative (C24H60O6Si6)
  33. Arabinitol, 5TMS derivative (C20H52O5Si5)
  34. L-Tryptophan, 3TMS derivative (C20H36N2O2Si3)
  35. Niacin, TMS derivative (C9H13NO2Si)
  36. Stigmasterol, TMS derivative (C32H56OSi)
  37. Shikimic acid, 4TMS derivative (C19H42O5Si4)
  38. L-Cystine, 4TMS derivative (C18H44N2O4S2Si4)
  39. Serine, 3TMS derivative (C12H31NO3Si3)
  40. Erythritol, 4TMS derivative (C16H42O4Si4)
  41. Campesterol, TMS derivative (C31H56OSi)
  42. Quinic acid, TMS (C22H52O6Si5)
  43. L-Ornithine, 4TMS derivative (C17H44N2O2Si4)
  44. L-Aspartic acid, 3TMS derivative (C13H31NO4Si3)
  46. Pipecolic acid, 2TMS derivative (C12H27NO2Si2)
  47. Quercetin, 5TMS derivative (C30H50O7Si5)
  48. Abietic acid, TMS derivative (C23H38O2Si)
  49. LACTULOSE (8TMS) (C36H86O11Si8)
  50. Apigenin, TMS (C24H34O5Si3)
  51. Lanosterol, TMS derivative (C33H58OSi)
  52. L-5-Oxoproline, , 2TMS derivative (C11H23NO3Si2)
  53. Galactose, MO-TMS, II (C22H55NO6Si5)
  54. Rhamnose, MO-TMS, II (C19H47NO5Si4)
  55. Galactose, MO-TMS, I (C22H55NO6Si5)
  56. Rhamnose, MO-TMS, I (C19H47NO5Si4)
  57. Asparagine, O,O',N-tris(trimethylsilyl)- (C13H32N2O3Si3)
  58. Cystathionine, 4TMS derivative (C19H46N2O4SSi4)
  59. Glucose, MO-TMS, I (C22H55NO6Si5)
  60. Glucose, MO-TMS, II (C22H55NO6Si5)
  61. D-Glucuronolactone, TMS # 1 (C15H32O6Si3)
  62. 2-Propen-1-ol, 3-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl), bis-TMS (C16H28O3Si2)
  63. Kaempferol, TMS (C27H44O6Si4)
  64. Xylulose, o-methyloxime, tetrakis-O-(trimethylsilyl)- (C18H45NO5Si4)
  65. 13C5,15N-GLUTAMIC ACID (3TMS) (C14H33NO4Si3)
  66. 2H6-SALICYLIC ACID (2TMS) (C14H18D4O4Si2)
  68. GALACTURONIC ACID (5TMS)-2 (C21H50O7Si5)
  69. GALACTURONIC ACID (5TMS)-1 (C21H50O7Si5)
  70. 2H4-SUCCINIC ACID (2TMS) (C10H18D4O4Si2)
  72. ERYTHROSE (MEOX 3 TMS)-2 (C14H35NO4Si3)
  73. Sinapic alcohol, TMS (C17H30O4Si2)
  74. ERYTHROSE MEOX 3 TMS-1 (C14H35NO4Si3)
  75. LAMINARIBIOSE 8TMS-2 (C35H84O11Si8)
  76. GLUTAMINE,N,N,O-TMS (C14H34N2O3Si3)
  77. LAMINARIBIOSE (8TMS)-1 (C35H84O11Si8)
  78. CELLOTRIOSE (11TMS) (C51H120O16Si11)
  79. LYSINE,N,N,N,O-TMS-2 (C18H46N2O2Si4)
  80. MANNOSE MEOX 5TMS-1 (C22H55NO6Si5)
  81. MANNOSE MEOX 5TMS-2 (C22H55NO6Si5)
  82. SORBOSE MEOX 5TMS-1 (C22H55NO6Si5)
  83. SORBOSE MEOX 5TMS-2 (C22H55NO6Si5)
  84. RIBOSE (MEOX 4TMS)-1 (C18H45NO5Si4)
  85. XYLOSE MEOX 4TMS-2 (C18H45NO5Si4)
  86. XYLOSE (MEOX 4TMS)-1 (C18H45NO5Si4)
  87. SACCHARIC ACID (6TMS) (C24H58O8Si6)
  88. RIBOSE (MEOX 4TMS)-2 (C18H45NO5Si4)
  89. LYXOSE (MEOX 4TMS)-1 (C18H45NO5Si4)
  90. FUCOSE MEOX 4TMS-1 (C19H47NO5Si4)
  91. L-Norvaline, 2TMS derivative (C11H27NO2Si2)
  92. 2H7-CHOLESTEROL (TMS) (C30H56OSi)
  93. 13C5-PROLINE (TMS) (C11H25NO2Si2)
  94. LYXOSE MEOX 4TMS-2 (C18H45NO5Si4)
  95. MALTOTRIOSE (11TMS) (C45H104O14Si9)
  96. XYLOBIOSE (6TMS)-2 (C28H66O9Si6)
  97. XYLOBIOSE 6TMS-1 (C28H66O9Si6)
  98. Maltose, TMS (C36H86O11Si8)
  99. LACTITOL 9TMS (C37H92O11Si9)