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Gaertner, B.; Himmel, H.-J.; Macrae, V.A.; Downs, A.J.; Greene, T.M., Matrix Reactivity of Al and Ga Atoms (M) in the Presence of Silane: Generation and Characterization of theη2-Coordinated Complex M•SiH4, the Insertion Product HMSiH3, and the MI Species MSiH3 in a Solid Argon Matrix, Chem. Eur. J., 2004, 10, 14, 3430, https://doi.org/10.1002/chem.200305493 .

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  1. SiH3AlH (AlH4Si)
  2. AlSiH4 (AlH4Si)
  3. SiD3AlD (AlD4Si)
  4. SiH3GaH (GaH4Si)
  5. GaSiH4 (GaH4Si)
  6. AlSiH3 (AlH3Si)
  7. AlSiD4 (AlD4Si)
  8. cyc-D3SiGaGaD (D4Ga2Si)
  9. cyc-H3SiGaGaH (Ga2H4Si)
  10. SiD3GaD (D4GaSi)
  11. AlSiD3 (AlD3Si)
  12. GaSiD4 (D4GaSi)
  13. GaSiH3 (GaH3Si)