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Suhardi, S.; Suzuki, M.; Yoshida, K.; Muto, T.; Fujita, A.; Watanbe, N., Changes in the volatile compounds and in the chemical and physical properties of snake fruit (Salacca edulis Reinw) Cv. Pondoh during maturation, J. Agric. Food Chem., 2002, 50, 26, 7627-7633, https://doi.org/10.1021/jf020620e .

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  1. Limonene (C10H16)
  2. Phenylethyl Alcohol (C8H10O)
  3. 3-Hexen-1-ol, (Z)- (C6H12O)
  4. 1-Butanol (C4H10O)
  5. Benzyl alcohol (C7H8O)
  6. Acetic acid (C2H4O2)
  7. Ethyl Acetate (C4H8O2)
  8. Hexanoic acid (C6H12O2)
  9. 2-Heptanone (C7H14O)
  10. n-Hexadecanoic acid (C16H32O2)
  11. Butanoic acid (C4H8O2)
  12. Butanoic acid, 3-methyl- (C5H10O2)
  13. Octanoic acid (C8H16O2)
  14. 2-Pentanone (C5H10O)
  15. 1-Propanol (C3H8O)
  16. 2-Butanone (C4H8O)
  17. n-Decanoic acid (C10H20O2)
  18. 2-Undecanone (C11H22O)
  19. Butanal, 2-methyl- (C5H10O)
  20. Methyl Alcohol (CH4O)
  21. 1-Butanol, 2-methyl- (C5H12O)
  22. Furaneol (C6H8O3)
  23. Isopropyl Alcohol (C3H8O)
  24. 2-Butanol (C4H10O)
  25. Benzoic acid, methyl ester (C8H8O2)
  26. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl- (C5H10O2)
  27. 1-Dodecanol (C12H26O)
  28. Pentanoic acid (C5H10O2)
  29. Hexanoic acid, methyl ester (C7H14O2)
  30. Butanoic acid, methyl ester (C5H10O2)
  31. 2-Pentanol (C5H12O)
  32. Octanoic acid, methyl ester (C9H18O2)
  33. Heptanoic acid (C7H14O2)
  34. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, methyl ester (C6H12O2)
  35. Dodecanoic acid, methyl ester (C13H26O2)
  36. 2(3H)-Furanone, 5-ethyldihydro- (C6H10O2)
  37. Ethyl formate (C3H6O2)
  38. Prenol (C5H10O)
  39. Heptanoic acid, methyl ester (C8H16O2)
  40. Methyl isovalerate (C6H12O2)
  41. Benzeneacetic acid, methyl ester (C9H10O2)
  42. 1-Pentanol, 3-methyl- (C6H14O)
  43. 2-Butanol, 3-methyl- (C5H12O)
  44. 2-Pentanone, 3-methyl- (C6H12O)
  45. Hexanoic acid, 2-ethyl- (C8H16O2)
  46. 1-Heptadecene (C17H34)
  47. Butanedioic acid, dimethyl ester (C6H10O4)
  48. Propanoic acid, 2,2-dimethyl- (C5H10O2)
  49. 2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-5-propyl- (C7H12O2)
  50. 2-Buten-1-ol, 2-methyl- (C5H10O)
  51. Pentanoic acid, 4-methyl- (C6H12O2)
  52. Hexanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-, methyl ester (C7H14O3)
  53. 2H-Pyran-2-one, tetrahydro-6-methyl- (C6H10O2)
  54. 3-(Methylthio)propanoic acid methyl ester (C5H10O2S)
  55. Ethanol, 2-(2-methoxyethoxy)- (C5H12O3)
  56. 8-Heptadecene (C17H34)
  57. 2-Butenoic acid, 3-methyl- (C5H8O2)
  58. Pentanoic acid, 3-methyl-, ethyl ester (C8H16O2)
  59. Pentanoic acid, 3-methyl- (C6H12O2)
  60. 2-Butenoic acid, 3-methyl-, methyl ester (C6H10O2)
  61. Pentanoic acid, 2-methyl- (C6H12O2)
  62. Tiglic acid (C5H8O2)
  63. Pentanoic acid, 4-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H14O2)
  64. Pentanoic acid, 2-hydroxy-4-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H14O3)
  65. Pentanoic acid, 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H14O3)
  66. Pentanoic acid, 3-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H14O2)
  67. methyl 3-hydroxy-2-methylbutanoate (C6H12O3)
  68. Butanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-, methyl ester (C6H12O3)
  69. Butyric acid, 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-, methyl ester (C6H12O3)
  70. 2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-4,5-dimethyl- (C6H10O2)
  71. Octanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-, methyl ester (C9H18O3)
  72. 2,3-Dimethyl-4-hydroxy-2-butenoic lactone (C6H8O2)
  73. 2-Propanol, 1-(2-methoxypropoxy)- (C7H16O3)
  74. 2-Butenoic acid, 2-methyl-, methyl ester (C6H10O2)
  75. 2-Pentenoic acid, 3-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H12O2)
  76. cis-3-Hexenoic acid (C6H10O2)
  77. 2-Pentenoic acid, 2-methyl- (C6H10O2)
  78. 2-Propanol, 1-(2-methoxy-1-methylethoxy)- (C7H16O3)
  79. 4-Methyl-5H-furan-2-one (C5H6O2)
  80. methyl 5-hydroxyhexanoate (C7H14O3)
  81. methyl 3-methyl-3-pentenoate (C7H12O2)
  82. 2H-Pyran-2-one, tetrahydro-4-methyl- (C6H10O2)
  83. 2-Pentenoic acid, 4-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H12O2)
  84. 4-Pentenoic acid, 3-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H12O2)
  85. 3-Pentenoic acid, 4-methyl-, methyl ester (C7H12O2)
  86. Hexanoic acid, 3-oxo-, methyl ester (C7H12O3)
  87. 3-Hydroxy-3-methylvaleric acid (C6H12O3)
  88. methyl 4-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-pentenoate (C7H12O3)
  89. methyl 4-hydroxy-3-methylpentanoate (C7H14O3)
  90. methyl 3-hydroxy-3-methylpentanoate (C7H14O3)
  91. 4-hydroxy-3-methylpentanoic acid (C6H12O3)
  92. methyl 3-methyl-4-oxopentanoate (C7H12O3)
  93. (E)-3-methyl-2-pentenoic acid (C6H10O2)
  94. Hexanoic acid, 4-methylene-, methyl ester (C8H14O2)
  95. methyl 3-methylenepentanoate (C7H12O2)
  96. 2-methyl-3-pentenoic acid (C6H10O2)
  97. 3-methyl-3-pentenoic acid (C6H10O2)
  98. 2-methyl-5-pentanolide (C6H10O2)
  99. methyl (Z)-5-octenoate (C9H16O2)