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Kelman, Diantha R.; Szczepura, Lisa F.; Goldberg, Karen I.; Kaminsky, Werner; Hermetet, Anne K.; Ackerman, Lily J.; Swearingen, John K.; West, Douglas X., Structural, spectral and thermal studies of N-2-(4-picolyl)- and N-2-(6-picolyl)-N´-(2-chlorophenyl)thioureas and N-2-(6-picolyl)-N´-(2-bromophenyl)thiourea, Journal of Molecular Structure, 2002, 610, 1-3, 143-150, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0022-2860(02)00020-0 .

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  1. N-2-(4,6-lutidyl)-N'-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea (C14H14ClN3S)
  2. N-2-(5-picolyl)-N'-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea (C13H12ClN3S)
  3. N-2-(4-picolyl)-N'-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea (C13H12ClN3S)
  4. N-2-(3-picolyl)-N'-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea (C13H12ClN3S)
  5. N-2-(6-picolyl)-N'-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea (C13H12ClN3S)
  6. N-2-pyridyl-N'-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea (C12H10ClN3S)