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Ioffe, I.N.; Ievlev, A.S.; Boltalina, O.V.; Sidorov, L.N.; Dorn, H.C.; Stevenson, S.; Rice, G., Electron affinity of some trimetallic nitride and conventional metallofullerenes, Int. J. Mass Spectrom., 2002, 213, 2-3, 183-189, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1387-3806(01)00532-2 .

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  1. ScEr2N@C80 radical anion (C80Er2NSc2-)
  2. Sc2ErN@C80 radical anion (C80ErNSc3-)
  3. Sc3N@C80 radical anion (C80NSc3-)
  4. Sc2@C82 radical anion (C82Sc2-)
  5. Sc2@C80 radical (C80Sc2)
  6. Sc2@C84 radical (C84Sc2)