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Valente, Edward J.; Smith, Tyler N.; Harris, Marcus E., Discrimination in resolving systems. VI. Comparison of the diastereomers of deoxyephedrinium and ephedrinium 4?-fluoromandelates, Chirality, 2001, 13, 5, 244-250, https://doi.org/10.1002/chir.1026 .

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  1. (R)-deoxyephedrinium (R)-4'-fluoromandelate (C18H22FNO3)
  2. (R)-deoxyephedrinium (S)-4'-fluoromandelate (C18H22FNO3)
  3. (1R,2S)-ephedrinium (S)-4'-fluoromandelate (C18H22FNO4)
  4. (1R,2S)-ephedrinium (R)-4'-fluoromandelate (C18H22FNO4)