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Asmis, K.R.; Taylor, T.R.; Neumark, D.M., Electronic structure of indium phosphide clusters: anion photoelectron spectroscopy of InxPx- and Inx+1Px- (x=1-13) clusters, Chem. Phys. Lett., 1999, 308, 5-6, 347-354, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0009-2614(99)00671-5 .

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  1. indium phosphide (InP)
  2. In2P radical anion (In2P-)
  3. In2P2 radical anion (In2P2-)
  4. In3P2 radical anion (In3P2-)
  5. In3P3 radical anion (In3P3-)
  6. In4P3 radical anion (In4P3-)
  7. In4P4 radical anion (In4P4-)
  8. In11P11 anion (In11P11-)
  9. In5P4 anion (In5P4-)
  10. In5P5 anion (In5P5-)
  11. In6P5 anion (In6P5-)
  12. In6P6 anion (In6P6-)
  13. In7P7 anion (In7P7-)
  14. In8P7 anion (In8P7-)
  15. In10P10 (In10P10)
  16. In8P8 (In8P8)
  17. In9P9 (In9P9)
  18. In11P10 anion (In11P10-)
  19. In12P11 anion (In12P11-)
  20. In12P12 anion (In12P12-)
  21. In13P12 anion (In13P12-)
  22. In13P13 anion (In13P13-)
  23. In14P13 anion (In14P13-)
  24. In10P9 anion (In10P9-)
  25. In7P6 anion (In7P6-)
  26. In9P8 anion (In9P8-)