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Koppel, I.; Koppel, J.; Maria, P.C.; Gal, J.F.; Notario, R.; Vlasov, V.M.; Taft, R.W., Comparison of Bronsted acidities of neutral NH-acids in gas phase, dimethyl sulfoxide and water, Int. J. Mass Spectrom., 1998, 175, 1-2, 61-69, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0168-1176(98)00113-X .

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  1. Benzenamine, 2-nitro-N-phenyl- (C12H10N2O2)
  2. Hydrogen cation (H+)
  3. Benzenamine, 2,3,4,5,6-pentafluoro-N-(pentafluorophenyl)- (C12HF10N)
  4. N-Phenylperfluorobenzamide (C13H6F5NO)
  5. pMe-C6H4N(4-aza-C5F4) anion (C12H7F4N2-)
  6. pNO2-C6H4N(C6F5) anion (C12H4F5N2O2-)
  7. p-aza-C5F4N(C6F5) anion (C11F9N2-)
  8. p-aza-C5F4N(Ph) anion (C11H5F4N2-)
  9. pCl-C6F4N(C6F5) anion (C12ClF9N-)
  10. pMe-C6F4N(C6F5) anion (C13H3F9N-)
  11. p-aza-F4-anilide anion (C5HF4N2-)
  12. pCN-C6F4N(C6F5) anion (C13F9N2-)
  13. pCN-C6F4N(Ph) anion (C13H5F4N2-)
  14. C6F5N=C(Me)O anion (C8H3F5NO-)
  15. pNO2-C6H4N(Ph) anion (C12H9N2O2-)
  16. PhN=C(C6F5)O anion (C13H5F5NO-)
  17. (CF3SO2)2N anion (C2F6NO4S2-)
  18. (C6F5)2N anion (C12F10N-)
  19. C12H5F5N2O2 (C12H5F5N2O2)
  20. C2HF6NO4S2 (C2HF6NO4S2)
  21. C11H6F4N2 (C11H6F4N2)
  22. C12HClF9N (C12HClF9N)
  23. C13H6F4N2 (C13H6F4N2)
  24. C12H8F4N2 (C12H8F4N2)
  25. C8H4F5NO (C8H4F5NO)
  26. C13HF9N2 (C13HF9N2)
  27. C13H4F9N (C13H4F9N)
  28. C13HF9N2 (C13HF9N2)
  29. C5H2F4N2 (C5H2F4N2)