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Andrews, L.; Lanzisera, D.V.; Hassanzadeh, P.; Hannachi, Y., Reactions of Laser-Ablated Boron Atoms with Ethylene and Ethane. Infrared Spectra and DFT Calculations for Several Novel BC, J. Phys. Chem. A, 1998, 102, 19, 3259, https://doi.org/10.1021/jp980437h .

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  1. cyc-(CD)2BD (C2D3B)
  2. cyc-(CH)2BH (C2H3B)
  3. HBCC (C2HB)
  4. DBCC (C2DB)
  5. cyc-BDCDCD2 (C2D4B)
  6. cyc-BHCHCH2 (C2H4B)
  7. CH3B=CH2 (C2H5B)
  8. D2BC2D3 (C2D5B)
  9. D2BCCD2 (C2D4B)
  10. H2BC2H3 (C2H5B)
  11. H2BCCH2 (C2H4B)
  12. HBCCH2 (C2H3B)
  13. D2BCCD (C2D3B)
  14. DBCCD2 (C2D3B)
  15. H2BCCH (C2H3B)