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Takasu, R.; Misaizu, F.; Hashimoto, K.; Fuke, K., Microscopic Solvation Process of Alkali Atoms in Finite Clusters: Photoelectron and Photoionization Studies of M(H2O)n and M(NH3)n(M= Li, Li-, Na-), J. Phys. Chem. A, 1997, 101, 17, 3078, https://doi.org/10.1021/jp9629654 .

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  1. (NH3)4..Na radical anion (H12N4Na-)
  2. (NH3)5..Na radical anion (H15N5Na-)
  3. (NH3)6..Na radical anion (H18N6Na-)
  4. (NH3)7..Na radical anion (H21N7Na-)
  5. (NH3)3..Na radical anion (H9N3Na-)
  6. NH3..Na radical anion (H3NNa-)
  7. (NH3)10..Li anion (H30LiN10-)
  8. (NH3)10..Na anion (H30N10Na-)
  9. (NH3)11..Li anion (H33LiN11-)
  10. (NH3)11..Na anion (H33N11Na-)
  11. (NH3)12..Li anion (H36LiN12-)
  12. (NH3)12..Na anion (H36N12Na-)
  13. (NH3)13..Li anion (H39LiN13-)
  14. (NH3)13..Na anion (H39N13Na-)
  15. (NH3)14..Li anion (H42LiN14-)
  16. (NH3)14..Na anion (H42N14Na-)
  17. (NH3)15..Li anion (H45LiN15-)
  18. (NH3)16..Li anion (H48LiN16-)
  19. (NH3)4..Li anion (H12LiN4-)
  20. (NH3)5..Li anion (H15LiN5-)
  21. (NH3)6..Li anion (H18LiN6-)
  22. (NH3)7..Li anion (H21LiN7-)
  23. (NH3)8..Li anion (H24LiN8-)
  24. (NH3)8..Na anion (H24N8Na-)
  25. (NH3)9..Li anion (H27LiN9-)
  26. (NH3)9..Na anion (H27N9Na-)
  27. (H2O)2..Na anion (H4NaO2-)
  28. (NH3)2..Li anion (H6LiN2-)
  29. (H2O)3..Na anion (H6NaO3-)
  30. (NH3)3..Li anion (H9LiN3-)
  31. H2O..Na anion (H2NaO-)
  32. NH3..Li anion (H3LiN-)