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Meng, L.-J.; Reyes, H.; Palma, J.; Hernandez, I.; Ribalta, J.; Sjövall, J., Profiles of bile acids and progesterone metabolites in the urine and serum of women with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, J. Hepatol., 1997, 27, 2, 346-357, .

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  1. Cholanic acid, 3α,7α-dihydroxy, Me-TMS (C31H58O4Si2)
  2. 5-α-Pregnan-3-α,20-α-diol, TMS (C27H52O2Si2)
  3. Cholanic acid, 3α,7β-dihydroxy, Me-TMS (C31H58O4Si2)
  4. Methyl lithocholate, (3α,5β)-, TMS derivative (C28H50O3Si)
  5. 5-Cholenoic acid, 3-β-hydroxy, methyl ester, TMS (C28H48O3Si)
  6. 3-α,6-α,7-α,12-α-Tetrahydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C37H74O6Si4)
  7. 5-β-Pregnan-3-α,20-β-diol, TMS (C27H52O2Si2)
  8. 3-α,6-α,7-α-Trihydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C34H66O5Si3)
  9. 3-α,6-α-Dihydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C31H58O4Si2)
  10. 3α,12β-Dihydroxy-5β-cholanoic acid, methyl ester-trimethylsilyl ether (C31H58O4Si2)
  11. Methyl desoxycholate, 2TMS derivative (C31H58O4Si2)
  12. 5-Pregnene-3β,20α-diol, TMSO-TMS (C27H50O2Si2)
  13. 5α-Pregnane-3α,20α,21-triol, TMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  14. Methyl 3-β,7-α,12-α-trihydroxy-5-βcholanoate, TMS (C34H66O5Si3)
  15. Methyl cholate, 3TMS derivative (C34H66O5Si3)
  16. 3,16,20-Tris[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-5.alpha-pregnane, (3β,16α,20α)- (C30H60O3Si3)
  17. 5α-Pregnan-3α-ol-20-one, TMS derivative (C24H42O2Si)
  18. 5β-Pregnan-3α-ol-20-one, TMS derivative (C24H42O2Si)
  19. 1-β,3-α,7-α,12-α-Tetrahydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C37H74O6Si4)
  20. 5-β-Cholanoic acid, 3-α,4-β,7-α,12-α-tetrahydroxy, methyl ester, TMS (C37H74O6Si4)
  21. 2-β,3-α,7-α,12-α-Tetrahydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C37H74O6Si4)
  22. 3-α,7-α,12-α-Trihydroxy-nor-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C33H64O5Si3)
  23. 3-α,6-α,12-α-Trihydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C34H66O5Si3)
  24. 5-β-Cholanoic acid, 3-α,4-β,12-α-trihydroxy, methyl ester, TMS (C34H66O5Si3)
  25. 1-β,3-α,12-α-Trihydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C34H66O5Si3)
  26. 3-α,7-α-Dihydroxy-12-keto-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C31H56O5Si2)
  27. 5-Pregnen-3-β,15-β,17-α,20-α-tetrol, TMS (C33H66O4Si4)
  28. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β,16-α,20-β,21-tetrol, MeTMS (C33H68O4Si4)
  29. 3-α,12-α-Dihydroxy-5-α-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C31H58O4Si2)
  30. 5-α-Pregnan-3-α-16-α,20-α-triol, TMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  31. 5-β-Pregnan-3-α-16-α-diol-20-one, TMS (C27H50O3Si2)
  32. 5-α-Pregnan-3-α-16-α-diol-20-one, TMS (C27H50O3Si2)
  33. 3-α-Hydroxy-12-keto-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C28H48O4Si)
  34. 5-Cholenoic acid, 3-β,12-α-dihydroxy, methyl ester, TMS (C31H56O4Si2)
  35. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β,20-α,21-triol, TMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  36. 4,6-Choladienoic acid, 12-α-hydroxy-3-one, methyl ester, TMS (C28H44O4Si)
  37. 5α-Pregnane-3α,21-diol-20-one, O,O'-bis(trimethylsilyl) (C27H50O3Si2)
  38. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β,21-diol-20-one, TMS (C27H50O3Si2)
  39. 3-β-Hydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C28H50O3Si)
  40. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β-ol-20-one, TMS (C24H42O2Si)
  41. Methyl 7-α,12α-dihydroxy-3-keto-4-cholenoate, TMS (C31H54O5Si2)
  42. 3-α,4-β,7-α,12-α-Tetrahydroxy-5-α-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C37H74O6Si4)
  43. 3-β,6-α,7-α,12-α-Tetrahydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C37H74O6Si4)
  44. 3-α-12-α-Dihydroxy-7-keto-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C31H56O5Si2)
  45. 3-β,12-α-Dihydroxy-5-α-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C31H58O4Si2)
  46. 3-β,12-α-Dihydroxy-5-β-cholanoic acid, MeTMS (C31H58O4Si2)
  47. 5-α-Androstan-3-α-ol-17-β-carboxylate, MeTMS (C24H42O3Si)
  48. Pregnan-20-one, 3,16-bis[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, (3α,5α,16α)- (C27H50O3Si2)
  49. 5-β-Androstan-3-α-ol-17-β-carboxylate, MeTMS (C24H42O3Si)
  50. 5-α-Androstan-3-β-ol-17-β-carboxylate, MeTMS (C24H42O3Si)
  51. 5-α-Pregnan-3-α-ol, 20-α-GlcNAc, MeTMS (C41H81NO7Si4)
  52. 3,6-Dihydroxypregnan-20-one, (3α,5β,6α)-, 2TMS derivative (C27H50O3Si2)
  53. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β-ol, 20-α-GlcNAc, MeTMS (C41H81NO7Si4)
  54. 5-β-Pregnan-3-α-ol, 20-α-GlcNAc MeTMS (C41H81NO7Si4)
  55. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β,15 or 16-diol-20-one, MeTMS (C27H50O3Si2)
  56. 5-β-Pregnan-3-α,20-α,21-triol, MeTMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  57. 5-α-Pregnan-3-β,20-α-diol, MeTMS (C27H52O2Si2)
  58. 5-Pregnen-3-β-ol, 20-α-GlcNAc, MeTMS (C41H79NO7Si4)
  59. 5-β-Pregnan-3-β,20-α-diol, MeTMS (C27H52O2Si2)
  60. 5-Pregnen-3-β,20-α,21-triol, MeTMS (C30H58O3Si3)
  61. 21-Hydroxypregnenolone, 2TMS derivative (C27H48O3Si2)
  62. 5-α-Pregnan-3,17,20-triol, MeTMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  63. 5-β-Pregnan-3,17,20-triol, MeTMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  64. Pregnan-2,3,20-triol, GlcNAc, MeTMS (C44H89NO8Si5)
  65. 5-Pregnen-3-α-ol-20-one, MeTMS (C24H40O2Si)
  66. Pregnan-2,3,16-triol-20-one, MeTMS (C30H58O4Si3)
  67. Pregnan-1,3,16-triol-20-one, MeTMS (C30H58O4Si3)
  68. Pregnan-2,3,20-triol, MeTMS, # 1 (C30H60O3Si3)
  69. Pregnan-2,3,20-triol, MeTMS, # 2 (C30H60O3Si3)
  70. Pregnan-3,17-diol-20-one, MeTMS (C30H60O3Si3)
  71. Pregnan-2,3-diol-20-one, MeTMS (C27H50O3Si2)
  72. 5-Pregnen-3,17,20-triol, MeTMS (C30H58O3Si3)
  73. Pregnan-3,16,20-triol, MeTMS (C30H60O3Si3)