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Lugez, C.L.; Forney, D.; Jacox, M.E.; Irikura, K.K., The vibrational spectra of molecular ions isolated in solid neon. XIV. CH[sub 3]F[sup +], CH[sub 3]Cl[sup +], CH[sub 3]Br[sup +], and their ylidion isomers, J. Chem. Phys., 1997, 106, 2, 489, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.473390 .

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  1. CH3Cl+ (CH3Cl+)
  2. CH3Br+ (CH3Br+)
  3. CD3Br+ (CD3Br+)
  4. CD3Cl+ (CD3Cl+)
  5. H2CClH+ (CH3Cl+)
  6. D2CBrD+ (CD3Br+)
  7. D2CClD+ (CD3Cl+)
  8. H2CBrH+ (CH3Br+)
  9. H2CFH+ (CH3F+)
  10. D2CFD+ (CD3F+)