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Kuznetsov, A.Yu.; Kudin, L.S.; Pogrebnoi, A.M.; Butman, M.F.; Burdukovskaya, G.G., A Mass-spectrometric Study of the Neutral and Ionic Components of Ytterbium Chloride Vapor: The Enthalpies of Formation of YbCl2 and YbCl3 Molecules and YbCl3- and YbCl4- Ion in the Gas Phas, Russ. J. Phys. Chem., 1997, 71, 216.

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  1. YbCl3..Cl anion (Cl4Yb-)
  2. YbCl2..Cl anion (Cl3Yb-)
  3. ytterbium trichloride (Cl3Yb)
  4. ytterbium dichloride (Cl2Yb)
  5. Chlorine anion (Cl-)