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Ciocazanu, I.; Meltzer, V.; Nicolae, A.; Vilcu, R., Thermodynamic study of some substituted derivatives of 1-phenazinecarboxlic acid, Calorim. Anal. Therm., 1997, 28, 267.

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  1. 1-(4'-Methoxybenzylidene)-2-phenazinoylhydrazine (C21H16N4O2)
  2. 1-(2'-Nitrobenzylidene)-2-phenazinoylhydrazine (C20H13N5O3)
  3. 1-(4'-Nitrobenzylidene)-2-phenazinoylhydrazine (C20H13N5O3)
  4. 1-Benzylidene-2-phenazinoylhydrazine (C20H14N4O)
  5. 1-Phenazinecarbohydrazide (C13H10N4O)
  6. 1-Phenazinecarboxylic acid (C13H8N2O2)