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Cypcar, C.C.; Johnson, G.; Mathias, L.J., Molecular motions in low molar-mass alkyl amides: models for thermal transitions in polyamides, Polym. Prepr. (Am. Chem. Soc. Div. Polym. Chem.), 1995, 36, 2, 402.

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  1. Methane, bromotrichloro- (CBrCl3)
  2. N-myristylheptanamide (C21H43NO)
  3. N-heptylmyristamide (C21H43NO)
  4. N-decylundecanamide (C21H43NO)
  5. N-stearylpropanamide (C21H43NO)
  6. N-propylstearamide (C21H43NO)
  7. N-laurylnonanamide (C21H43NO)