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Chertihin, G.V.; Andrews, L., Reactions of Laser Ablated Titanium, Zirconium, and Hafnium Atoms with Oxygen Molecules in Condensing Argon, J. Phys. Chem., 1995, 99, 17, 6356, https://doi.org/10.1021/j100017a015 .

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  1. Titanium dioxide (anatase) (O2Ti)
  2. zirconium dioxide (O2Zr)
  3. hafnium dioxide (HfO2)
  4. titanium trioxide (O3Ti)
  5. OZrO- (O2Zr-)
  6. OHfO- (HfO2-)
  7. cyc-(HfO)2 (Hf2O2)
  8. cyc-(TiO)2 (O2Ti2)
  9. cyc-(ZrO)2 (O2Zr2)
  10. OTiO- (O2Ti-)
  11. dititanium oxide (OTi2)
  12. OZrOO (O3Zr)
  13. OHfOO (HfO3)