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Chen, H.L.; Ellis, P.E.; Wijesekera, T.; Hagan, T.E.; Groh, S.E.; Lyons, J.E.; Ridge, D.P., Correlation Between Gas-Phase Electron Affinities, Electrode Potentials, and Catalytic Activities of Halogenated Metalloporphyrins, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1994, 116, 3, 1086, https://doi.org/10.1021/ja00082a034 .

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  1. Iron tetraphenylporphyrin (C44H28FeN4)
  2. 5,10,15,20-Tetraphenyl-21H,23H-porphine iron monochloride (C44H28ClFeN4)
  3. Cl..Fe-tetra-(2,6-Cl2-phenyl)porphyrin radical (C44H20Cl9FeN4)
  4. Fe-triPh-oC6H4NHCO(CH2)4-Im-porphyrin radical (C52H39FeN7O)
  5. Cl..Fe-tetra(C6F5)-octaCl-porphyrin radical (C44Cl9F20FeN4)
  6. Cl..Fe-perchlorotetraphenylporphyrin radical (C44Cl29FeN4)
  7. Fe-tetra(2-(NHCOtBu)phenyl)porphyrin radical (C64H64FeN8O4)
  8. Fe-tetra-(2,6-Cl2-phenyl)porphyrin radical (C44H20Cl8FeN4)
  9. Fe-tetra(C6F5)-octaCl-porphyrin radical (C44Cl8F20FeN4)
  10. Fe-perchlorotetraphenylporphyrin radical (C44Cl28FeN4)
  11. Cl..Fe-tetra(C6F5)porphyrin radical (C44H8ClF20FeN4)
  12. Fe-tetra(C6F5)porphyrin radical (C44H8F20FeN4)