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Andrews, L.; Yustein, J.T.; Thompson, C.A.; Hunt, R.D., Reactions of Pulsed-Laser Evaporated Ca, Sr, and Ba Atoms with O2. Infrared Spectra of the Metal Oxides, Oxide Dimers, Dioxides, and Peroxides in Solid Argon, J. Phys. Chem., 1994, 98, 26, 6514, https://doi.org/10.1021/j100077a016 .

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  1. calcium peroxide (CaO2)
  2. barium peroxide (BaO2)
  3. cyc-(CaO)2 (Ca2O2)
  4. cyc-(SrO)2 (O2Sr2)
  5. cyc-(BaO)2 (Ba2O2)
  6. strontium peroxide (O2Sr)
  7. calcium superoxide (CaO4)
  8. OSrO (O2Sr)
  9. OCaO (CaO2)
  10. BaOBaO (Ba2O2)
  11. CaOCaO (Ca2O2)
  12. OBaO (BaO2)