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Tiers, George V.D.; Francis, Cecil V., Materials science of organic compounds, Thermochimica Acta, 1993, 226, 311-316, https://doi.org/10.1016/0040-6031(93)80232-Y .

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  1. P-nitro carbanilic acid, n-pentyl ester (C12H16N2O4)
  2. P-nitro carbanilic acid, n-hexyl ester (C13H18N2O4)
  3. P-nitro carbanilic acid, n-octyl ester (C15H22N2O4)
  4. (4-Nitrophenyl)-2-(methylthio)ethyl carbamate (C10H12N2O4S)
  5. (4-Nitrophenyl)-16-bromohexadecyl carbamate (C23H37BrN2O4)
  6. (4-Nitrophenyl)-11-bromoundecyl carbamate (C18H27BrN2O4)
  7. (4-Nitrophenyl)-12-bromododecyl carbamate (C19H29BrN2O4)
  8. (4-Nitrophenyl)-6-chlorohexyl carbamate (C13H17ClN2O4)
  9. (4-Nitrophenyl)-11-iodoundecyl carbamate (C18H27IN2O4)
  10. (4-Nitrophenyl)-8-hydroxyoctyl carbamate (C15H22N2O5)
  11. (4-Nitrophenyl)-10-undecynyl carbamate (C18H24N2O4)
  12. (4-Nitrophenyl)-10-undecenyl carbamate (C18H26N2O4)
  13. 1-Dodecyl-3-(4-nitrophenyl) urea (C19H31N3O3)
  14. 1-Hexadecyl-3-(4-nitrophenyl) urea (C23H39N3O3)
  15. 1-Pentyl-3-(4-nitrophenyl) urea (C12H17N3O3)
  16. 1-Decyl-3-(4-nitrophenyl) urea (C17H27N3O3)
  17. 1-Hexyl-3-(4-nitrophenyl) urea (C13H19N3O3)