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Roles, K.A.; Xenopoulos, A.; Wunderlich, B., Heat capacities of solid poly(amino acid)s. II. The remaining polymers, Bipolymers, 1993, 33(5), 753-768.

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  1. Poly-L-glutamic acid, sodium salt (C5H6NNaO3)n
  2. Poly-L-aspartic acid, sodium salt (C4H4NNaO3)n
  3. Poly-L-tryptophane (C11H10N2O)n
  4. Poly-L-phenylalanine (C9H9NO)n
  5. Poly-L-asparagine (C4H6N2O2)n
  6. Poly-L-methionine (C5H9NOS)n
  7. Poly-L-histidine (C6H7N3O)n
  8. Poly-L-leucine (C6H11NO)n
  9. Poly-L-tyrosine (C9H9NO2)n
  10. Poly-L-serine (C3H5NO2)n
  11. Poly-L-histidine hydrochloride
  12. Poly-L-proline (C5H7NO)n
  13. Poly-L-arginine hydrochloride
  14. Poly-L-lysine hydrobromide