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Nakajima, A.; Taguwa, T.; Hoshino, K.; Sugioka, T.; Naganuma, T.; Ono, F.; Watanabe, K.; Nakao, K., Photoelectron Spectroscopy of (C6F6)n- and (Au-C6F6)- Clusters, Chem. Phys. Lett., 1993, 214, 1, 22, https://doi.org/10.1016/0009-2614(93)85449-X .

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  1. Benzene, hexafluoro- (C6F6)
  2. C6F6..C6F6 radical anion (C12F12-)
  3. C6F6..Au radical anion (C6AuF6-)
  4. Benzene, hexafluoro- anion (C6F6-)
  5. (C6F6)2..C6F6 radical anion (C18F18-)
  6. (C6F6)4..C6F6 radical anion (C30F30-)
  7. (C6F6)3..C6F6 radical anion (C24F24-)
  8. (C6F6)5..C6F6 radical anion (C36F36-)
  9. (C6F6)6..C6F6 radical anion (C42F42-)
  10. (C6F6)7..C6F6 radical anion (C48F48-)