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Mishima, M.; Kang, C.H.; Huh, C.; Fujio, M.; Tsuno, Y., Substituent Effect on Electron Affinity of 2,6-Dimethylnitrobenzene, Chem. Lett., 1993, 22, 5, 889, https://doi.org/10.1246/cl.1993.889 .

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  1. Benzene, 1,3,5-trimethyl-2-nitro- (C9H11NO2)
  2. 2,6-diMe-4-CO2Me-nitrobenzene radical (C10H11NO4)
  3. 2,6-diMe-4-COMe-nitrobenzene radical (C10H11NO3)
  4. 2,6-diMe-4-Cl-nitrobenzene radical (C8H8ClNO2)
  5. 2,6-diMe-4-NO2-nitrobenzene radical (C8H8N2O4)
  6. 2,6-diMe-4-CN-nitrobenzene radical (C9H8N2O2)
  7. 2,6-diMe-4-CHO-nitrobenzene radical (C9H9NO3)
  8. 2,6-diMe-4-F-nitrobenzene radical (C8H8FNO2)
  9. Anisole, 3,5-dimethyl-4-nitro- (C9H11NO3)
  10. 2,6-diMe-4-CO2Me-nitrobenzene radical anion (C10H11NO4-)
  11. 2,6-diMe-4-COMe-nitrobenzene radical anion (C10H11NO3-)
  12. 2,6-diMe-4-Cl-nitrobenzene radical anion (C8H8ClNO2-)
  13. 2,6-diMe-4-NO2-nitrobenzene radical anion (C8H8N2O4-)
  14. 2,6-diMe-4-CHO-nitrobenzene radical anion (C9H9NO3-)
  15. 2,6-diMe-4-CN-nitrobenzene radical anion (C9H8N2O2-)
  16. 2,6-diMe-4-F-nitrobenzene radical anion (C8H8FNO2-)
  17. Anisole, 3,5-dimethyl-4-nitro- anion (C9H11NO3-)