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Kudin, L.S.; Pogrebnoi, A.M.; Burdukovskaya, G.G., Mass-Spectrometric Study of Saturated Vapor Composition over Neodymium Chlorides .2. Ion-Molecular Equilibrium and Enthalpies of Formation of Formation of Positive and Negative Ions., Zh. Fiz. Khim. SSSR, 1993, 67, 908.

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  1. NdCl3..Cl anion (Cl4Nd-)
  2. neodymium trichloride (Cl3Nd)
  3. NdCl3..NdCl4 anion (Cl7Nd2-)
  4. NdCl2..Cl anion (Cl3Nd-)
  5. Chlorine anion (Cl-)
  6. NdCl3..AlCl4 anion (AlCl7Nd-)
  7. NdCl2..NdCl3 anion (Cl5Nd2-)
  8. Neodymium dichloride (Cl2Nd)
  9. (NdCl3)2..NdCl4 anion (Cl10Nd3-)