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Brechignac, C.; Cahuzac, P.; Carlier, F.; De Frutos, M.; Leyniger, J., Cohesive Energies of (K)n+ 5<n<200 from Photoevaporation Experiments, J. Chem. Phys., 1990, 93, 10, 7449, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.459418 .

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  1. potassium (K)
  2. Dipotassium (K2)
  3. Potassium ion (1+) (K+)
  4. Potassium tridecamer, positive ion (K13+)
  5. Potassium undecamer, positive ion (K11+)
  6. Potassium dodecamer, positive ion (K12+)
  7. Potassium nonamer, positive ion (K9+)
  8. Potassium tetramer, positive ion (K4+)
  9. Potassium pentamer, positive ion (K5+)
  10. Potassium octamer, positive ion (K8+)
  11. Potassium decamer, positive ion (K10+)
  12. Potassium hexamer, positive ion (K6+)
  13. Potassium heptamer, positive ion (K7+)
  14. Potassium trimer, positive ion (K3+)