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Orlov, W.M.; Pustobaev, V.N.; Poroshina, T.Yu.; O'shevskaya, V.A.; Zakharkin, L.I.; Gal'chenko, G.L., Ionization energies of C-monoalkyl substituted ortho- and metacarboranes-12, Dokl. Phys. Chem., 1989, 309, 968, In original 892.

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  1. 1,7-Dicarbadodecaborane(12) (C2H12B10)
  2. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12) (C2H12B10)
  3. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-hexyl- (C8H24B10)
  4. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-pentyl- (C7H22B10)
  5. 1,7-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-hexyl- (C8H24B10)
  6. 1,7-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-butyl- (C6H20B10)
  7. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-butyl- (C6H20B10)
  8. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-methyl- (C3H14B10)
  9. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-isopropyl- (C5H18B10)
  10. 1,2-Dicarbadodecarborane(12), 1-octyl- (C10H28B10)
  11. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-heptyl- (C9H26B10)
  12. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-nonyl- (C11H30B10)
  13. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-decyl- (C12H32B10)
  14. 1,7-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-decyl- (C12H32B10)
  15. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-propyl- (C5H18B10)
  16. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12), 1-ethyl- (C4H16B10)