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Lau, K.H.; Brittain, R.D.; Hildenbrand, D.L., High temperature thermodynamic studies of some gaseous thorium fluorides, J. Chem. Phys., 1989, 90, 1158.

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  1. barium (Ba)
  2. Barium monofluoride (BaF)
  3. thorium (Th)
  4. Thorium monoxide (OTh)
  5. thorium tetrafluoride (F4Th)
  6. Thorium trifluoride (F3Th)
  7. Thorium difluoride (F2Th)
  8. Thorium monofluoride (FTh)
  9. Thorium monofluoride monoxide (FOTh)