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Gonzalez, A.A.; Hoff, C.D., Inorg. Chem., 1989, 28, 4295.

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  1. Nitrogen (N2)
  2. Hydrogen (H2)
  3. Mo(CO)3(PCy3)2(N2) (C39H66MoN2O3P2)
  4. Mo(CO)3(PCy3)2(H2) (C39H68MoO3P2)
  5. W(CO)3(PCy3)2(N2) (C39H66N2O3P2W)
  6. W(CO)3(PCy3)2(H2) (C39H68O3P2W)
  7. Mo(CO)3(PCy3)2 (C39H66MoO3P3)