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Vondrak, T., He I photoelectron spectroscopic study of closo-dicarbadodecarboranes and their 9-halogeno derivatives, Tetrahedron, 1987, 6, 1559.

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  1. 1,7-Dicarbadodecaborane(12) (C2H12B10)
  2. 1,2-Dicarbadodecaborane(12) (C2H12B10)
  3. 9-Chloro-1,7-dicarbadodecaborane (C2H11B10Cl)
  4. 9-Chloro-1,2-dicarbadodecaborane (C2H11B10Cl)
  5. 9-Bromo-1,7-dicarbadodecaborane (C2H11B10Br)
  6. 9-Iodo-1,7-dicarbadodecaborane (C2H11B10I)
  7. 9-Iodo-1,2-dicarbadodecaborane (C2H11B10I)