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Larson, J.W.; McMahon, T.B., Trends in Gas Phase Fluoride Ion Affinities of the Main Group Oxyfluorides and Fluoride Sulfides. Fluoride Adducts of FAsO, FPO, FPO2, F2SiO, F4SO, FBO, F2SiS, FPS, FAsS, F2S2, and S2O., Inorg. Chem., 1987, 26, 24, 4018, https://doi.org/10.1021/ic00271a011 .

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  1. Disulfur monoxide (OS2)
  2. Boron monofluoride monoxide (BFO)
  3. Phosphenothious fluoride (FPS)
  4. Difluorooxosilane (F2OSi)
  5. Difluorohydroxyborane (BF2HO)
  6. Thiothionyl fluoride (F2S2)
  7. S2O..F anion (FOS2-)
  8. F3SS anion (F3S2-)
  9. F2AsO anion (AsF2O-)
  10. Sulfur tetrafluoride oxide (F4OS)
  11. Fluorine anion (F-)
  12. Hydrogen cation (H+)
  13. FPO (FOP)
  14. F2PS anion (F2PS-)
  15. F2BO anion (BF2O-)
  16. Arsenenothious fluoride (AsFS-)
  17. F2SiS (F2SSi)
  18. FAsO (AsFO)
  19. FPO2 (FO2P)