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Miller, A.E.S.; Feigerle, C.S.; Lineberger, W.C., Laser photoelectron spectrocopy of MnH2-, FeH2-, CoH2-, and NiH2-: Determination of the electron affinities for the metal dihydrides, J. Chem. Phys., 1986, 84, 4127.

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  1. FeH2 (FeH2)
  2. CoH2 (CoH2)
  3. MnH2 (H2Mn)
  4. NiH2 (H2Ni)
  5. FeD2 (D2Fe)
  6. CrH2 (CrH2)
  7. MnH2- (H2Mn-)
  8. MnD2- (D2Mn-)
  9. NiD2 (D2Ni)
  10. NiD2 (D2Ni)
  11. CoD2 (CoD2)
  12. FeD2 (D2Fe)
  13. MnD2 (D2Mn)
  14. FeH2- (FeH2-)
  15. NiH2- (H2Ni-)
  16. CoH2- (CoH2-)
  17. CoD2- (CoD2-)
  18. NiD2- (D2Ni-)