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Froelicher, S.W.; Freiser, B.S.; Squires, R.R., The C3H5- isomers. Experimental and theoretical studies of the tautomeric propenyl ions and the cyclopropyl anion in the gas phase, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1986, 108, 2853.

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  1. Ethylene (C2H4)
  2. Propene (C3H6)
  3. Cyclopropane (C3H6)
  4. Hydrogen cation (H+)
  5. MeCH=CH anion (C3H5-)
  6. CH2=CMe anion (C3H5-)
  7. cyclopropanide anion (C3H5-)
  8. CH2=CH anion (C2H3-)