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Horna, A.; Táborský, J.; Churácek, J.; Dufka, O., Chromatography of monomers. IV. Gas-liquid chromatographic studies of C1-C6 n-alkyl and C3-C6 isoalkyl acrylates and their hydrogen halide and halogen addition derivatives, J. Chromatogr., 1985, 348, 141-149, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0021-9673(01)92447-1 .

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  1. Propanoic acid, ethyl ester (C5H10O2)
  2. Methyl propionate (C4H8O2)
  3. Propanoic acid, butyl ester (C7H14O2)
  4. Propanoic acid, propyl ester (C6H12O2)
  5. Propanoic acid, hexyl ester (C9H18O2)
  6. 1-Butanol, 3-methyl-, propanoate (C8H16O2)
  7. Propanoic acid, 2-methylpropyl ester (C7H14O2)
  8. Propanoic acid, pentyl ester (C8H16O2)
  9. 2-Propenoic acid, butyl ester (C7H12O2)
  10. 2-Propenoic acid, ethyl ester (C5H8O2)
  11. 2-Propenoic acid, methyl ester (C4H6O2)
  12. Propanoic acid, 1-methylethyl ester (C6H12O2)
  13. Propanoic acid, 3-chloro-, methyl ester (C4H7ClO2)
  14. 3-Chloropropanoic acid butyl ester (C7H13ClO2)
  15. 2-Chloropropanoic acid butyl ester (C7H13ClO2)
  16. Propanoic acid, 3-chloro-, propyl ester (C6H11ClO2)
  17. Propanoic acid, 2-chloro-, methyl ester (C4H7ClO2)
  18. 3-Chloropropionic acid, hexyl ester (C9H17ClO2)
  19. Propanoic acid, 3-chloro-, ethyl ester (C5H9ClO2)
  20. Propanoic acid, 2-chloro, hexyl ester (C9H17ClO2)
  21. Propanoic acid, 2-chloro-, ethyl ester (C5H9ClO2)
  22. 3-Chloropropionic acid, pentyl ester (C8H15ClO2)
  23. Propanoic acid, 2-chloro, 3-methylbutyl ester (C8H15ClO2)
  24. 3-Chloropropanoic acid 3-methylbutyl ester (C8H15ClO2)
  25. 3-Chloropropanoic acid 2-methylpropyl ester (C7H13ClO2)
  26. Propanoic acid, 2-chloro-, pentyl ester (C8H15ClO2)
  27. Propanoic acid, 2-chloro, 2-methylpropyl ester (C7H13ClO2)
  28. n-Hexyl acrylate (C9H16O2)
  29. Propionic acid, 2-chloro-, propyl ester (C6H11ClO2)
  30. Propanoic acid, 3-chloro-, 1-methylethyl ester (C6H11ClO2)
  31. 2-Propenoic acid, pentyl ester (C8H14O2)
  32. Propionic acid, 2-chloro-, isopropyl ester (C6H11ClO2)
  33. Isobutyl acrylate (C7H12O2)
  34. n-Propyl acrylate (C6H10O2)
  35. Propanoic acid, 2-bromo-, ethyl ester (C5H9BrO2)
  36. Isopropyl acrylate (C6H10O2)
  37. Acrylic acid isoamyl ester (C8H14O2)
  38. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dichloro-, methyl ester (C4H6Cl2O2)
  39. 2- Bromopropionic acid, hexyl ester (C9H17BrO2)
  40. 2- Bromopropionic acid, pentyl ester (C8H15BrO2)
  41. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-, ethyl ester (C5H9BrO2)
  42. 2-Propenoic acid, 4-methylpentyl ester (C9H16O2)
  43. Propanoic acid, 2-bromo-, methyl ester (C4H7BrO2)
  44. Ethyl 2,3-dichloropropanoate (C5H8Cl2O2)
  45. 2-Bromopropionic acid, 3-methylbutyl ester (C8H15BrO2)
  46. Propanoic acid, 2-bromo-, butyl ester (C7H13BrO2)
  47. iso-Butyl 2-bromopropionate (C7H13BrO2)
  48. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-, methyl ester (C4H7BrO2)
  49. Isopropyl 2-bromopropanoate (C6H11BrO2)
  50. Propyl 2-bromopropanoate (C6H11BrO2)
  51. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dichloro-, 1-methylethyl ester (C6H10Cl2O2)
  52. Methyl 2,3-dibromopropionate (C4H6Br2O2)
  53. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dichloro, isohexyl ester (C9H16Cl2O2)
  54. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo, 3-methylbutyl ester (C8H15BrO2)
  55. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo, isohexyl ester (C9H17BrO2)
  56. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dichloropropylester (C6H10Cl2O2)
  57. Isobutyl 2,3-dichloropropanoate (C7H12Cl2O2)
  58. Butyl 2,3-dichloropropanoate (C7H12Cl2O2)
  59. Pentyl 2,3-dichloropropanoate (C8H14Cl2O2)
  60. Isopropyl 3-bromopropanoate (C6H11BrO2)
  61. Isobutyl 3-bromopropanoate (C7H13BrO2)
  62. Pentyl 3-bromopropanoate (C8H15BrO2)
  63. Propyl 3-bromopropanoate (C6H11BrO2)
  64. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo, butyl ester (C7H13BrO2)
  65. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo-, ethyl ester (C5H8Br2O2)
  66. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, 2-methylpropyl ester (C7H12BrClO2)
  67. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, 3-methylbutyl ester (C8H14BrClO2)
  68. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, 4-methylbutyl ester (C9H16BrClO2)
  69. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, isopropyl ester (C6H10BrClO2)
  70. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo, 4-methylpentyl ester (C9H16Br2O2)
  71. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo, 3-methylbutyl ester (C8H14Br2O2)
  72. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, propyl ester (C6H10BrClO2)
  73. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, pentyl ester (C8H14BrClO2)
  74. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, butyl ester (C7H12BrClO2)
  75. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, methyl ester (C4H6BrClO2)
  76. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo-, propyl ester (C6H10Br2O2)
  77. Propanoic acid, 3-bromo-2-chloro, ethyl ester (C5H8BrClO2)
  78. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo-, butyl ester (C7H12Br2O2)
  79. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo, pentyl ester (C8H14Br2O2)
  80. Propanoic acid, 2,3-dibromo, hexyl ester (C9H16Br2O2)
  81. Isopropyl 2,3-dibromopropanoate (C6H10Br2O2)
  82. Isobutyl 2,3-dibromopropanoate (C7H12Br2O2)
  83. Propyl 2,3-dichloropropanoate (C6H10Cl2O2)
  84. Hexyl 2,3-dichloropropanoate (C9H16Cl2O2)
  85. Hexyl 3-bromopropanoate (C9H17BrO2)