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Guimon, C.; Pfister-Guillouzo, G.; Dubac, J.; Laporterie, A.; Manuel, G.; Iloughmane, H., Electronic structure of Group 14 (η4-metallole)tricarbonyliron complexes, Organometallics, 1985, 4, 636.

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  1. 1,3-Cyclopentadiene, 5,5-dimethyl- (C7H10)
  2. Iron, η4-1,1,3,4-tetramethylgermole tricarbonyl (C11H14FeGeO3)
  3. Iron, η4-1,1,3,4-tetramethylsilole tricarbonyl (C11H14FeO3Si)
  4. Iron, η4-5,5-dimethylcyclopentadiene tricarbonyl (C10H10FeO3)
  5. Germole, 1,1,3,4-tetramethyl- (C8H14Ge)
  6. Silole, 1,1,3,4-tetramethyl- (C8H14Si)
  7. Iron, η4-1,1,3-trimethylgermole tricarbonyl (C10H12FeGeO3)
  8. Iron, η4-1,1-dimethylgermole tricarbonyl (C9H10FeGeO3)
  9. Iron, η4-1,1-dimethylsilole tricarbonyl (C9H10FeO3Si)