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Tuchman, M.; Bowers, L.D.; Fregien, K.D.; Crippin, P.J.; Krivit, W., Capillary Gas Chromatographic Separation of Urinary Organic Acids. Retention Indices of 101 Urinary Acids on a 5% Phenylmethyl Silicone Capillary Column, J. Chromatogr. Sci., 1984, 22, 5, 198-202, https://doi.org/10.1093/chromsci/22.5.198 .

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  1. Palmitic Acid, TMS derivative (C19H40O2Si)
  2. Vanillic Acid, 2TMS derivative (C14H24O4Si2)
  3. Phenol, TMS derivative (C9H14OSi)
  4. Ferulic acid, 2TMS derivative (C16H26O4Si2)
  5. Lactic Acid, 2TMS derivative (C9H22O3Si2)
  6. Butanedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C10H22O4Si2)
  7. Silanol, trimethyl-, phosphate (3:1) (C9H27O4PSi3)
  8. 2-Butenedioic acid, (E)-, 2TMS derivative (C10H20O4Si2)
  9. Benzoic Acid, TMS derivative (C10H14O2Si)
  10. Homovanillic Acid, 2TMS derivative (C15H26O4Si2)
  11. 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid, 2TMS derivative (C13H22O3Si2)
  12. Hexanedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C12H26O4Si2)
  13. 4-Hydroxybenzeneacetic acid, 2TMS derivative (C14H24O3Si2)
  14. Oxalic acid, 2TMS derivative (C8H18O4Si2)
  15. Suberic acid, 2TMS derivative (C14H30O4Si2)
  16. Glyceric acid, 3TMS derivative (C12H30O4Si3)
  17. 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, tris(trimethylsilyl) ester (C18H40O7Si4)
  18. Pentanedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C11H24O4Si2)
  19. Methylmalonic acid, 2TMS derivative (C10H22O4Si2)
  20. Glycolic acid, 2TMS derivative (C8H20O3Si2)
  21. Benzenepropanoic acid, α-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C15H26O3Si2)
  22. Azelaic acid, 2TMS derivative (C15H32O4Si2)
  23. 4-Hydroxyphenyllactic acid, 3TMS derivative (C18H34O4Si3)
  24. Hippuric acid, TMS derivative (C12H17NO3Si)
  25. Benzeneacetic acid, TMS derivative (C11H16O2Si)
  26. Pentanedioic acid, 3-methyl-3-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, bis(trimethylsilyl) ester (C15H34O5Si3)
  27. Decanoic acid, TMS derivative (C13H28O2Si)
  28. 2-Hydroxybutyric acid, 2TMS derivative (C10H24O3Si2)
  29. α-Hydroxyisobutyric acid, 2TMS derivative (C10H24O3Si2)
  30. 2-Hydroxy-3-methylbutyric acid, 2TMS derivative (C11H26O3Si2)
  31. 3-Hydroxybutyric acid, 2TMS derivative (C10H24O3Si2)
  32. Pyroglutamic acid, TMS (C11H23NO3Si2)
  33. 3-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid, 2TMS derivative (C14H24O3Si2)
  34. Pentanedioic acid, 2-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, bis(trimethylsilyl) ester (C14H32O5Si3)
  35. Benzeneacetic acid, α-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C14H24O3Si2)
  36. Pimelic acid, 2TMS derivative (C13H28O4Si2)
  37. 3-Hydroxyisovaleric acid, 2TMS derivative (C11H26O3Si2)
  38. N-Isovaleroylglycine, TMS derivative (C10H21NO3Si)
  39. Hydracrylic acid, 2TMS derivative (C9H22O3Si2)
  40. Vanillylmandelic acid, 3TMS derivative (C18H34O5Si3)
  41. Glycine, N-(2-methyl-1-oxo-2-butenyl)-, trimethylsilyl ester, (E)- (C10H19NO3Si)
  42. Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-3-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C10H24O3Si2)
  43. 3-Methyladipic acid, 2TMS derivative (C13H28O4Si2)
  44. Aconitic acid, tri-TMS (C15H30O6Si3)
  45. N-Propionylglycine, TMS derivative (C8H17NO3Si)
  46. Glyoxylic oxime acid, bis(trimethylsilyl)- (C8H19NO3Si2)
  47. 2-Hydroxybenzeneacetic acid, 2TMS derivative (C14H24O3Si2)
  48. p-Cresol, TMS derivative (C10H16OSi)
  49. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-3-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C11H26O3Si2)
  50. Hippuric acid, 2TMS derivative (C15H25NO3Si2)
  51. Urea, 2TMS derivative (C7H20N2OSi2)
  52. Pyruvic acid oxime, bis(trimethylsilyl)- deriv. (C9H21NO3Si2)
  53. 2-ketoglutaric acid oxime, tri-TMS (C14H31NO5Si3)
  54. Methylcitric acid, tetrakis-TMS (C19H42O7Si4)
  55. Phenylpyruvic acid oxime, 2TMS derivative (C15H25NO3Si2)
  56. 3-Indoleacetic acid, 2TMS derivative (C16H25NO2Si2)
  57. Benzenepropanoic acid, 4-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-α-[[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]imino]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C18H33NO4Si3)
  58. Galactaric acid, 6TMS derivative (C24H58O8Si6)
  59. Butanoic acid, 3,4-bis[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C13H32O4Si3)
  60. 2,5-Furandicarboxylic acid, 2TMS derivative (C12H20O5Si2)
  61. Isovalerylglycine, bis-TMS (C13H29NO3Si2)
  62. 3-Hydroxyglutaric acid, tri-TMS (C14H32O5Si3)
  63. Uric acid, N,O,O',O''-tetrakis(trimethylsilyl)- (C17H36N4O3Si4)
  64. 3-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)propionic acid, 2TMS derivative (C16H28O4Si2)
  65. D-Gluconic acid, 6TMS derivative (C24H60O7Si6)
  66. Butanoic acid, 2,4-bis[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C13H32O4Si3)
  67. Erythronic acid, tetrakis-TMS (C16H40O5Si4)
  68. 2-Pentenedioic acid, 2TMS derivative (C11H22O4Si2)
  69. 3-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxypropionic acid, tris-(O-trimethylsilyl)- (C18H34O4Si3)
  70. Galactonic acid, hexakis-TMS (C24H60O7Si6)
  71. 4-Deoxytetronic acid, erithro-, tri-TMS (C13H32O4Si3)
  72. 4-Deoxytetronic acid, threo-, tri-TMS (C13H32O4Si3)
  73. Pyridoxic acid, 3TMS derivative (C17H33NO4Si3)
  74. Kynurenic Acid, 2TMS derivative (C16H23NO3Si2)
  75. 3-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)propanoic acid, 2TMS derivative (C15H26O3Si2)
  76. Sulfuric acid, 2TMS derivative (C6H18O4SSi2)
  77. 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-furoic acid, 2TMS derivative (C12H22O4Si2)
  78. N-Furoylglycine, di-TMS (C13H23NO4Si2)
  79. Threono-1,4-lactone, di-TMS (C10H22O4Si2)
  80. Tropic acid, 2TMS derivative (C15H26O3Si2)
  81. Ribonic acid, 2,3,4,5-tetrakis-O-(trimethylsilyl)-, trimethylsilyl ester (C20H50O6Si5)
  82. Gluconolactone (3R,4S,5R,6R)-, 4TMS derivative (C18H42O6Si4)
  83. Benzoic acid, 5-methoxy-2-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C14H24O4Si2)
  84. Galactaric acid, (R,S,R,S)-, 6TMS derivative (C24H58O8Si6)
  85. 3-Deoxyhexonic acid, 5TMS derivative (C21H52O6Si5)
  86. 3-Hydroxy-3-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxyphenyl)propionic acid, tri-TMS (C19H36O5Si3)
  87. Ribonic acid, 2-desoxy-tetrakis-O-(trimethylsilyl)- (C17H42O5Si4)
  88. Quinolinic acid, 2TMS derivative (C13H21NO4Si2)
  89. Tartaric acid, 4TMS derivative (C16H38O6Si4)
  90. Arabinonic acid, pentakis-TMS (C20H50O6Si5)
  91. Glucuronic acid, pentakis-TMS (C21H50O7Si5)
  92. Glycine, N-(trimethylsilyl)-N-[3-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]benzoyl]-, trimethylsilyl ester (C18H33NO4Si3)
  93. Indol-5-ol, 2TMS derivative (C14H23NOSi2)
  94. Isoeugenol, TMS derivative (C13H20O2Si)
  95. 3,5-Dioxa-4-phospha-2-silaheptan-7-oic acid, 2,2-dimethyl-4-[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]-6-[[(trimethylsilyl)oxy]methyl]-, trimethylsilyl ester, 4-oxide (C15H39O7PSi4)
  96. Isoascorbic acid, tetrakis-TMS (C18H40O6Si4)