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Sapegin, A.M.; Baluev, A.V.; Evdokimov, V.I., Mass-spectrometric investigation of the thermochemistry of the chlorides of the lanthanides, Russ. J. Phys. Chem., 1984, 58, 1792.

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  1. gadolinium trichloride (Cl3Gd)
  2. neodymium trichloride (Cl3Nd)
  3. praseodymium trichloride (Cl3Pr)
  4. cerium trichloride (CeCl3)
  5. dysprosium trichloride (Cl3Dy)
  6. ytterbium trichloride (Cl3Yb)
  7. terbium (III) chloride hexahydrate (Cl3Tb)
  8. erbium trichloride (Cl3Er)
  9. samarium (III) chloride hexahydrate (Cl3Sm)
  10. thulium trichloride (Cl3Tm)
  11. holmium trichloride (Cl3Ho)
  12. Ytterbium monochloride (ClYb)
  13. Praseodymium dichloride (Cl2Pr)
  14. Praseodymium monochloride (ClPr)
  15. Dysprosium dichloride (Cl2Dy)
  16. Gadolinium dichloride (Cl2Gd)
  17. Dysprosium monochloride (ClDy)
  18. Neodymium dichloride (Cl2Nd)
  19. Neodymium monochloride (ClNd)
  20. Samarium monochloride (ClSm)
  21. Thulium dichloride (Cl2Tm)
  22. Terbium dichloride (Cl2Tb)
  23. Holmium dichloride (Cl2Ho)
  24. Europium monochloride (ClEu)
  25. Thulium monochloride (ClTm)
  26. Holmium monochloride (ClHo)