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Maurer, H.; Pfleger, K., Screening procedure for detection of phenothiazine and analogous neuroleptics and their metabolites in urine using a computerized gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric technique, J. Chromatogr., 1984, 306, 125-145, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0378-4347(00)80876-2 .

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  1. 10H-Phenothiazine-10-propanamine, 2-methoxy-N,N,β-trimethyl- (C19H24N2OS)
  2. Chlorpromazine (C17H19ClN2S)
  3. Thioridazine (C21H26N2S2)
  4. Trifluoperazine (C21H24F3N3S)
  5. Promazine (C17H20N2S)
  6. Promethazine (C17H20N2S)
  7. Trimeprazine (C18H22N2S)
  8. Chlorprothixene (C18H18ClS)
  9. Prochlorperazine (C20H24ClN3S)
  10. Triflupromazine (C18H19F3N2S)
  11. Clozapine (C18H19ClN4)
  12. 10H-Phenothiazine, 2-(trifluoromethyl)- (C13H8F3NS)
  13. Mepazine (C19H22N2S)
  14. Homofenazine M (amino-), monoacetylated (C18H17F3N2OS)
  15. Thiopropazate (C23H28ClN3O2S)
  16. Prothipendyl (C16H19N3S)
  17. Perphenazine M (amino-), monoacetrylated (C17H17ClN2OS)
  18. 10H-Phenothiazine, 2-chloro- (C12H8ClNS)
  19. Perazine (C20H25N3S)
  20. Alimemazine M (hydroxy-), acetylated (C20H24N2O2S)
  21. Alimemazine M (bis-nor-), acetylated (C18H20N2OS)
  22. Thiopropazate M (desalkyl-), acetylated (C21H24ClN3OS)
  23. Trifluopromazine M (nor-HO-), diacetylated (C21H21F3N2O3S)
  24. Promethazine M (nor-HO-), diacetylated (C20H22N2O3S)
  25. Alimemazine M (nor-hydroxy-), acetylated (C21H24N2O3S)
  26. Promethazine M (HO-), monoacetylated (C19H22N2O2S)
  27. Triflupromazine M (nor-), acetylated (C19H19F3N2OS)
  28. Promethazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C18H20N2OS)
  29. Alimemazine M (nor-), acetylated (C19H22N2OS)
  30. 10H-Pyrido(3,2-b)(1,4)benzothiazine (C11H8N2S)
  31. Ethanone, 1-(4-phenyl-1-piperazinyl)- (C12H16N2O)
  32. Fluphenazine M (desalkyl-), monoacetylated (C22H24F3N3OS)
  33. 10H-Phenothiazin-3-ol, 10-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]-, acetate (ester) (C19H22N2O2S)
  34. Periciazine, monoacetylated (C23H25N3O2S)
  35. Flupenthixol M (desalkyl-dihydro-), monoacetylated (C23H25F3N2OS)
  36. Clopenthixol M (desalkyl-dihydro-), monoacetylated (C18H18ClNOS)
  37. Chlorprothixene M (nor-dihydro-), monoacetylated (C19H20ClNOS)
  38. Chlorprothixene M (HO-dihydro-), monoacetylated (C20H22ClNO2S)
  39. Tetrabenazine M (bis-desmethyl-HO-), diacetylated (C21H27NO5)
  40. Butaperazine (C24H31N3OS)
  41. Tetrabenazine M (bis-desmethyl-), monoacetylated (C19H25NO4)
  42. Tetrabenazine M (desmethyl-HO-), monoacetylated (C20H27NO5)
  43. Acepromethazine M (dihydro-), monoacetylated (C22H28N2O2S)
  44. Flupenthixol M (dihydro-), monoacetylated (C25H29F3N2O2S)
  45. Homofenazine M (desalkyl-), monoacetylated (C23H26F3N3OS)
  46. Dixyrazine M (O-desalkyl-), monoacetylated (C24H31N3O2S)
  47. Clopenthixol M (desalkyl-), monoacetylated (C18H16ClNOS)
  48. Acepromazine, M(dihydro-), monoacetylated (C21H26N2O2S)
  49. Levomepromazine M (nor-HO-), diacetylated (C22H26N2O4S)
  50. Dixyrazine M (N-desalkyl-), monoacetylated (C22H27N3OS)
  51. Chlorprothixene M (nor-), monoacetylated (C19H18ClNOS)
  52. Levomepromazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C20H24N2O2S)
  53. Chlorpromazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C18H19ClN2OS)
  54. Trifluopromazine M (HO-), diacetylated (C21H23F3N2O2S)
  55. Acepromethazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C21H24N2O2S)
  56. Prothipendyl M (bis-nor-), monoacetylated (C16H17N3OS)
  57. Sulforidazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C22H26N2O3S2)
  58. Acepromethazine M (HO-), monoacetylated (C22H26N2O3S)
  59. Levomepromazine M (HO-), monoacetylated (C21H26N2O3S)
  60. Prothipendyl M (nor-HO-), diacetylated (C20H22N2O3S)
  61. Acepromazine, M (OH-), monoacetylated (C21H24N2O3S)
  62. Thioridazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C22H26N2OS2)
  63. Butaperazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C25H31N3O2S)
  64. Acepromazine, (nor-), monoacetylated (C20H22N2O2S)
  65. Pecazine M (nor-HO-), diacetylated (C22H24N2O3S)
  66. Promazine M (nor-HO-), acetylated (C20H22N2O3S)
  67. Promazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C17H18N2OS)
  68. Pecazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C20H22N2OS)
  69. Pecazine M (HO-), monoacetylated (C21H24N2O2S)
  70. Perazine M (HO-), monoacetylated (C23H28N2O2S)
  71. Perazine M (nor-), monoacetylated (C21H25N3OS)
  72. Prothipendyl M (nor-), acetylated (C17H19N3OS)
  73. Clopenthixol, monoacetylated (C24H27ClN2O2S)
  74. Chlorprothixene M (N-oxide) (C18H20ClNOS)
  75. Dixyrazine, monoacetylated (C26H35N3O3S)
  76. Clopenthixol M (N-oxide) (C22H25ClN2O2S)
  77. Thioproperazine M (ring) (C14H14N2O2S2)
  78. Sulforidazine M (ring) (C13H11NO2S2)
  79. Thioridazine M (oxo-) (C21H24N2OS2)
  80. Periciazine M (ring) (C13H8N2S)
  81. Promazine M (ring) (C16H18N2S)
  82. Acepromethazine (C19H22N2OS)