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Louwen, J.N.; Hengelmolen, R.; Grove, D.M.; Oskam, A.; DeKock, R.L., Ultraviolet photoelectron spectra of square-planar complexes of nickel triad metals. Spectra of trans-[(PEt3)2MXY] (M = Pd, Pt. X = Y = C≡CH, C≡CCH3, C≡N. X = Cl, Y = C≡N) and Hartree-Fock-Slater Calculations on model compounds, Organometallics, 1984, 3, 908.

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  1. Palladium, chlorocyanobis(triethylphosphine)- (C13H30ClNP2Pd)
  2. Palladium, di-1-propynylbis(triethylphosphine)- (C18H36P2Pd)
  3. Platinum, chlorocyanobis(triethylphosphine)- (C13H30ClNP2Pt)
  4. Platinum, di-1-propynylbis(triethylphosphine)- (C18H36P2Pt)
  5. Palladium, dicyanobis(triethylphosphine)- (C14H30N2P2Pd)
  6. Palladium, diethynylbis(triethylphosphine)- (C16H32P2Pd)
  7. Platinum, dicyanobis(triethylphosphine)- (C14H30N2P2Pt)
  8. Platinum, diethynylbis(triethylphosphine)- (C16H32P2Pt)