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Kuhn, R.; Maier, J.P.; Thommen, F., Photoelectron-photoion coincidence studies of the A and B excited electronic states of X-C≡C-C≡CN+, X = CH3, CD3, Cl, Br, I, J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom., 1984, 34, 253.

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  1. Chlorocyanoacetylene (C3ClN)
  2. BrCCCN+ (C3BrN+)
  3. Bromocyanoacetylene (C3BrN)
  4. Iodocyanoacetylene (C3IN)
  5. ClCCCN+ (C3ClN+)
  6. ICCCN+ (C3IN+)
  7. 2-Butynonitrile-d3 (C4D3N)