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Chesky, P.T.; Hall, M.B., Electronic structure of triple-decker sandwiches. Photoelectron spectra and molecular orbital calculations of bis(«eta»5-cyclopentadienyl) («mu»,«eta»6-benzene)divanadium and bis(«eta»5-cyclopentadienyl) («mu»,«eta»6-mesitylene)divanadium, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1984, 106, 5186.

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  1. bis(«eta»5-Cyclopentadienyl)(«mu»,«eta»6-mesitylene)divanadium (C19H22V2)
  2. Bis(«eta»5-cyclopentadienyl)(«mu»,«eta»6-benzene)divanadium (C16H16V2)