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Condensed phase thermochemistry data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled as indicated in comments:
ALS - Hussein Y. Afeefy, Joel F. Liebman, and Stephen E. Stein
DH - Eugene S. Domalski and Elizabeth D. Hearing

Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Δfliquid-224.4 ± 0.79kJ/molCcbProsen and Rossini, 1945ALS
Δfliquid-225.9 ± 1.3kJ/molCcbDavies and Gilbert, 1941ALS
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Δcliquid-4817. ± 8.kJ/molAVGN/AAverage of 7 values; Individual data points
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
liquid328.57J/mol*KN/AHuffman, Gross, et al., 1961DH
liquid327.98J/mol*KN/ADouglas, Furukawa, et al., 1954DH
liquid328.86J/mol*KN/APitzer K.S., 1940DH
liquid330.1J/mol*KN/AHuffman, Parks, et al., 1930Extrapolation below 90 K, 71.00 J/mol*K. Based on previously published specific heat data, 30PAR/HUF.; DH
liquid326.4J/mol*KN/AParks, Huffman, et al., 1930Extrapolation below 90 K, 71.00 J/mol*K.; DH

Constant pressure heat capacity of liquid

Cp,liquid (J/mol*K) Temperature (K) Reference Comment
224.64298.15Andreoli-Ball, Patterson, et al., 1988DH
224.72298.15Saito and Tanaka, 1988DH
224.73298.15Shiohama, Ogawa, et al., 1988DH
222.88293.15Kalali, Kohler, et al., 1987T = 293.15, 313.15 K.; DH
224.721298.15Tanaka, 1987DH
225.14300.Van Miltenburg, Van den Berg, et al., 1987T = 10 to 350 K.; DH
224.71298.15Wilhelm, Inglese, et al., 1987DH
224.781298.15Baluja, Bravo, et al., 1985DH
224.781298.15Lainez, Rodrigo, et al., 1985DH
224.731298.15Tanaka, Nakamichi, et al., 1985DH
224.71298.15Grolier, Inglese, et al., 1984DH
224.78298.15Roux, Grolier, et al., 1984DH
224.764298.15Kimura, Treszczanowicz, et al., 1983DH
225.33300.Tan, Zhou, et al., 1983T = 220 to 380 K.; DH
224.8298.15Tanaka, 1982DH
224.0298.Zaripov, 1982T = 298, 323, 363 K.; DH
224.69298.15Grolier, Inglese, et al., 1981DH
224.62297.860Kalinowska, Jedlinska, et al., 1980T = 185 to 300 K. Unsmoothed experimental datum.; DH
224.66298.15Brown and Ziegler, 1979T = 183 to 302 K. Results as equation only.; DH
225.6300.Czarnota, 1979DH
224.6298.15Grolier, Hamedi, et al., 1979DH
220.00285.Schaake, Offringa, et al., 1979T = 90 to 285 K.; DH
226.5333.15Woycicka and Kalinowska, 1978DH
255.0298.15Meijer, Blok, et al., 1977T = 160 to 350 K.; DH
224.707298.15Fortier and Benson, 1976DH
223.4298.Grigor'ev, Rastorguev, et al., 1975T = 300 to 463 K.; DH
224.19298.15Holzhauer and Ziegler, 1975T = 182 to 312 K. Cp = 866.18820 - 9.9628490T + 0.054561085T2 - 0.00013079634T3 + 1.1957392x10-7T4 J/mol*K.; DH
226.53303.15Woycicka and Kalinowska, 1975DH
225.3298.15Diaz pena and Renuncio, 1974T = 298 to 323 K.; DH
226.53298.15Kalinowska and Woycicka, 1973DH
209.6250.Van Miltenburg, 1972T = 130 to 263 K.; DH
328.61298.15Oetting F.L., 1963DH
224.93298.15Huffman, Gross, et al., 1961T = 10 to 300 K.; DH
224.93298.15McCullough and Messerly, 1961T = 10 to 370 K. Csat(liq) = 56.582 - 0.14490T + 5.7813x10-4T2 - 4.1667x10-7T3 cal/mol*K.; DH
247.3332.Swietoslawski and Zielenkiewicz, 1958Mean value 22 to 96 C.; DH
233.13299.8Helfrey, Heiser, et al., 1955T = 70 to 220 F.; DH
224.74298.15Douglas, Furukawa, et al., 1954T = 20 to 520 K.; DH
224.74298.15Ginnings and Furukawa, 1953T = 25 to 520 K.; DH
224.85298.15Osborne and Ginnings, 1947T = 278 to 318 K.; DH
224.60296.5Pitzer K.S., 1940T = 15 to 318 K. Value is unsmoothed experimental datum.; DH
211.3298.Bykov, 1939DH
210.9300.8Phillip, 1939DH
223.0298.Vold, 1937Cp given as 0.532 cal/g*K.; DH
224.3298.1Richards and Wallace, 1932T = 293 to 323 K.; DH
222.2299.2Parks, Huffman, et al., 1930T = 90 to 300 K. Value is unsmoothed experimental datum.; DH
217.0303.Willams and Daniels, 1924T = 303 to 350 K. Equation only.; DH


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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